America Never Promised Us Happiness : Dr. L. A. Lemmons

America Never Promised Us Happiness

America Never Promised Us Happiness (Only the Right to Pursue It) We are all intimately familiar with the false version of happiness—the one that oozes with sugar, spice, and everything nice, the one of “happily ever afters.” But there is another version, the true version: the version that has nothing to do with the welfare of people. This becomes easier to understand when one considers that it was politicians, in 1776, which gave the American people the right to pursue happiness. But when in the history of mankind have people been able to trust politicians? America Never Promised Us Happiness (Only the Right to Pursue It) argues that there is a hidden agenda behind the pursuit of happiness: the American

Mischief : Laura Parker


Mischief One night of passion can build a world. One memory can tear it down. As Napoleon invades Persia, clever but shy Japonica Fortmon is chosen by the ailing English Viscount Shrewsbury to arrange his escape from Baghdad. To get him out, Japonica must enlist the aid of the infamous Hind Div, a man as mysterious as he is ruthless. Whispered to be a spy, an assassin, and even a sorcerer, Hind Div agrees to help Fortmon, and all it will cost her is a night of passion. A year later and the war is over. Freshly widowed Japonica arrives in England, wishing only to settle her unruly step-daughters with Devlyn Sinclair, the new Viscount, and to return to France,

Beyond the Ocean’s Edge : D. Andrew McChesney

Beyond the Ocean's Edge: A Stone Island Sea Story

Beyond the Ocean’s Edge: A Stone Island Sea Story The Stone Island Sea Stories combine Age of Sail/Naval Adventure, as in C. S. Forester’s Horatio Hornblower and Patrick O’Brian’s Master and Commander, with a unique Science Fiction/Alternate World twist. “No, sir! Not that, sir!” Hotchkiss was nearly beside himself in his fright, and it fast approached a full panic. Odd, that such a slight distraction could affect Pierce’s friend that way. Isaac had always been the cooler of them. Hotchkiss continued on. “Ed! You didn’t see it?” The use of his captain’s first name on deck attested to the first lieutenant’s growing apprehension and maddening confusion. “See what, Isaac, my old friend?” Pierce recognized his shipmate’s state of mind and

Fictional Worlds : L.A. Alexander

Fictional Worlds: Traditions in Narrative and the Age of Visual Culture

Fictional Worlds: Traditions in Narrative and the Age of Visual Culture “Create Your Own World!” is a motto of visionary artists. We all enjoy escaping into, and journeying within, fictional realms. Some aspire to create their own unique artistic worlds. Fictional Worlds, intended for all readers who love literature and film, and especially for writers, filmmakers, and videogame designers, points at new ways of navigating, exploring, and creating entrancing fictional universes. This book’s promise is to make its readers more confident fictional world travelers and compelling storytellers. A holistic and evolutionary study of narrative from ancient rituals, myths and fairytales to the current day, this book blends a creative and intellectual approach to writing. The themes of journey, the wonderworld,

A Just and Upright Man : R J Lynch

A Just and Upright Man

It is 1763. James Blakiston, overseer of Lord Ravenshead’s estate and a newcomer to the Durham parish of Ryton, is determined to solve the mystery of old Reuben Cooper’s murder – but he has no idea how to go about it. As enclosure threatens to make the poor even poorer, Blakiston follows one misguided hunch after another. The only thing that he can really be certain of is his love for the beautiful and spirited Kate Greener – a love he is determined to resist, for Kate is the daughter of a penniless labourer and Blakiston has in any case not recovered from being thrown over by the woman he believed loved him. The mysterious Joseph Kelly, an Irishman who

Hide and Seek : H. L. Wegley

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek He expected security breaches, but the conspiracy she uncovers sends them running for their lives. A computer security breach within a US defense contractor’s firewalls leads investigators, Lee Brandt and beautiful, brilliant Jennifer Akihara, onto the cyber-turf of terrorists, where they are detected and targeted for elimination. Lee leads them on a desperate and prayer-filled flight for survival into the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Will Jennifer’s pursuit of truth about the conspiracy, and the deepest issues of life, lead her into the clutches of terrorists, into the arms of Lee Brandt, or into the arms of the God she deems untrustworthy?   Book Links Website Facebook Twitter Goodreads Amazon Author On Amazon  

I Came, I Saw (Veni, Vidi) : Patricia O’Rourke

I Came, I Saw (Veni, Vidi) More Than a Memoir

I Came, I Saw (Veni, Vidi) More Than a Memoir This book is my story. It is about what I did, saw, felt, learned, loved, hated, and accomplished during my lifetime. As I review my life I think of now versus then, compared to what my parents said then, and what I believe now. I go back and forth in my lifetime in order to demonstrate or accentuate the internal feelings I had at the time or what I think about it now. I digress a few times because of what the issue or event helped me to recall. Sometimes I am very critical, even mean as I become angry now or recall my anger then about certain events, people