Unlock The Corporate Mindset : Monika Black & Tomer YogevUnlock The Corporate Mindset

In the modern workplace employee engagement is at an all-time low and the wisdom of Unlock the Corporate Mindset is needed now more than ever.

Traditional business books only lead to the same mindset that got us here in the first place. Even so-called “disruptors” tend to be a reaction to the corporate mindset and not real transformation. This ain’t that.

Part inspiration and part soul-shifting mind growth, you will uncover your own way of living and leading, and grant yourself permission, as needed, to live authentically.

Armed with practical actionable tools to better know yourself and play from your strengths, dynamo leadership coaches Monika Black and Tomer Yogev provide an accessible and motivating “how to” for refocusing your life and career.

This fun yet profound introspective journey is full of support and encouragement throughout as it demystifies the process of unmasking yourself, living authentically, and stepping into your true presence as a leader.

Outside of the corporate mindset limitations become opportunities and success is self-defined. Join us on the brighter side of leadership!

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Unlock The Corporate Mindset : Monika Black & Tomer Yogev

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