Breathe, Create, Connect to Shine : Dreja Novak

Breathe, Create, Connect to Shine : Dreja Novak

Breathe, Create, Connect to Shine : Dreja NovakThis illustrated textbook will guide you on your way to personal contentment. It is structured for the modern person who needs not only to believe, but also to understand and be convinced to be able to start creating their own reality. It is a great source for anyone who is going through a personal crisis and is searching for the right path.

The textbook is interactive and filled with exercises and practical content that is easily applicable to daily life. The beautiful and colorful illustrations will evoke positive emotions in you as you read along.

The knowledge is gathered from various scientific and spiritual fields, from Eastern wisdom to quantum physics, epigenetics and personality typology. Quantum physics today confirms that spirituality and science are inseparable and this book connects the spiritual world with the scientific one in an artistic and artful way.

The book is divided into three parts, which are the three important actions:

With the first breathe action, you take care of your mind, body and soul. This part explains the science behind the concepts of thoughts, feelings, subconscious, meditation, why everything is energy and how it is all connected. You will learn how to increase your energy field and how your heart can create the strongest magnetic field that extends far beyond your body.

With the second create action, you give sense to your life. You will learn about the manifestation technique and how to clearly define your goals. This part also contains a short summary of the theory called Reality Transurfing, developed by Vadim Zeland. Transurfing is a different way of thinking in order to achieve what you want in life.

With the third connect action, you strengthen harmony with people and the environment. This part introduces the new Drive-Response theory for discovering different personality types. In order to foster good relationships, you need to understand yourself and the people around you. Your personality creates your reality and that is why it is important to become aware of the unconscious patterns and desires that lead and shape your life. By understanding and implementing the Drive-Response theory, your relationships and your understanding of others will improve.

How you choose to see the world will ultimately define how you live your life and what comes back to you. We communicate through energy!

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