A Broken Childhood : Lydia Taiwo


A Broken Childhood : Lydia Taiwo

0.409924001673538453When you have been abused, you do not know what love really means. All you know is abuse and terror.
When people do eventually show love, it is difficult to understand why.
Love does not make sense to an abused child. Did you know that?
Trust is another challenge; it is so hard to trust anybody. Having been abused myself, I found it very difficult to trust anybody, even my parents.

Not being believed was another concern – I was afraid that I would never be believed. This fear grew even more when I had to give evidence in court. Even the lawyers did not believe me until I exposed all the injuries on my head, having to remove my wig. There were over eight of them. It was shocking.
But there is hope for an abused victim. You can live again…

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