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Since 2010, Whizbuzz Books has been providing economical book promotion for new authors. Book discovery is vital for all authors, from book launch through to promoting backlist book titles.

Authors need readers to develop a fan base, and our aim has always been to assist in bringing the two together.

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter play a vital role in this, of course. However, organic search and search engine discovery are becoming essential tools now in book marketing.

Readers find new books by a variety of online means today. This is why a great book cover and a well written book description are vital in attracting attention and getting people to read your book.

We have developed many avenues for readers to discover new books and are always working hard to find new and more innovative ways to increase online exposure for our authors to spread the word about their books, their author website or Facebook Page.

There are many book promotion sites and social networking options available for authors. However, Whizbuzz Books is unique as it is a platform for all authors and every genre. From debut to award winners, small press publishers and self-publishers, poetry, short stories, novels and non-fiction.

For readers, our extensive catalogue of books is diverse and easily accessible.

Whizbuzz Books is always open, and open to all readers and authors.

About Whizbuzz Books

Way back in 2010, there was little opportunity for authors to promote their books. When Whizbuzz launched early in that year, Twitter was relatively new and struggling to find its feet.

Whizbuzz started from small beginnings. Initially, it was only ever envisaged to be a site to promote my own books and those of a few of my fellow author friends.

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Whizbuzz Books offers you affordable book promotion for one whole year to boost your book’s exposure. The more you increase the visibility of your book, the more chance it will be read. Whizbuzz Books promotion can help you extend your online reach, attract new readers and develop your author brand.


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