Frequently Asked Questions About Whizbuzz Books

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Making Your Payment

Our price for one year of Whizbuzz book promotion is US$49.00 per book. There are no extra charges. Details of what is included can be found on our submission page.

Once you have made your payment, Paypal will redirect you automatically to the Whizbuzz book submission page where you will complete all the details about your book.

You will also receive an automated confirmation email confiming your payment, including a link to our submission page.

You should bookmark the submission page before starting to enter your book details so you can find the page again if you accidently close it in your browser.

Contact us immediately if you lose the link to the submission page while preparing your book details, and we will resend the page link to you.

You don’t need to have a Paypal account. Once you click on the Paypal button, you will be given the options to pay by credit card or check without creating a Paypal account.

We need your Paypal name or email address to match up your payment and submission, and also in the event that we need to track your payment in case of error, duplication or in rare cases, payment failure.

Preparing Your Book Submission

Yes, you can. To specify a date, add a separate line at the beginning of the book description field noting the date you would like. Please note though, that we need a minimum of fourteen days notice to set a specific publishing date.

Yes, you can. Enter your pen name in the Author Name field.

You can list your book in two genres, but only from the genres offered on our site. Check our Genre Page for the list of genres we offer.

In the Website and Social Media Links section of the submission form, you can add up to four links. These links can be for your website, blog, social media accounts, your publisher or any other site that you would like to use. When you add a link, it is always best to go to the page in your browser, and copy the link from the address bar of your browser, as typing a URL link can lead to errors.

We usually use your primary link, such as your website. However, if you do not have a website, we use the first link specified in your four optional links, such as Facebook, your Amazon author page or blog.

We recommend a maximum of 600 words, but your book description can be a little longer if you wish.

The book description field is expandable. Pull down on the bottom right hand corner to make the box larger.

If your book is available for sale on Amazon, no, we do not need your book cover. If your book is not available on Amazon, you can send your book cover image to us by email.

If you book is not available on Amazon, you can add any link to where your book is available for sale in the Amazon Book Page Link field.

You will receive a green Success Message after you click the Send Your Submission button.

Depending on the device or computer you are using, you may need to scroll down the page a little to see it.

You will also get a very short automated email confirming that your submission was sent correctly. If you don’t see the green success message, or receive the confirmation email, contact us for help.

If you don’t see receive the green Success Message, check that you have completed all the required fields. Any fields with a small red star need to be completed before the form will send. If you still can’t send, Contact Us for help.

After we receive your book submission, we prepare your book page and buy links and add your author links. It is then scheduled for the first available date and time in our publishing queue.

We only publish two to three books per day to ensure maximum exposure time for each individual book on our home page. We try to keep our publishing queue to under 14 days whenever possible, but in busy times the queue can become a little longer.

Once it is published, your book will start appearing on our rotational Twitter, Facebook and Google+ social media feeds within a few days and continue to appear for one year from its posting date.

Changes To Your Whizbuzz Book Page

Yes, you can. Contact Us with the changes you would like to make, clearly noting your book title and author name. You can request a change of book cover, a new book description or changes to your social media links. However, your book title and author name cannot be changed.

Unfortunately no. We cannot make temporary changes to a book page once it is published.

Yes, you can. But be aware that once your book is removed, it will not be able to be restored in the future. If you re-publish your book and wish to promote it again, you will need to make a new submission to Whizbuzz Books.

Your Book Promotion

Whizbuzz Books uses cross-platform promotion. This means that your book will be seen and found in many ways in various locations. Regular Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ promotion is the most obvious.

However, your book will also be seen regularly in our More Great Reads section of every book page on Whizbuzz as well as in its two genre pages and on the 100 random books page. Depending on your book’s popularity, it may also appear in the Most Popular Titles section.

It will also appear on our BUZZ page every time your book is posted to one of our primary social media accounts. It will also appear on the More Buzz page when posted to one of our secondary Twitter accounts.

Your book will also be listed twice on Pinterest. Once under new books, and again under one of your selected genres. You book will also be posted on Tumblr and WordPress.

Your book will also become searchable in time on Google, Bing and Yahoo, as we add SEO optimisation to your book page.

We are always looking for new avenues to promote your books. If or when we add a new service, your book will be added to it automatically. You can see all of our current services in the header bar at top of our website.


But things can change over the course of one year. Especially concerning social media, which is now extremely volatile because of recent privacy problems and government attention.

Due to this fact, Whizbuzz Books may need to change, modify, add, replace or remove certain services during your promotion period.

We will take all measures possible to ensure your continued social media book promotion. However, we cannot be held responsible or liable for changes or terminations to social media services that individual social media networks may decide to make in the future.

The best way to follow your book’s promotion on social media by Whizbuzz is to use our BUZZ page. This page lists all book promotions by Whizbuzz on our primary accounts in real time, by date and social media network.

To check our secondary Twitter accounts, use our More Buzz page to track posts and retweets.

Alternatively, you can use Facebook Search and Twitter Advanced Search. Search by using Whizbuzz Books and your book title and/or you author name, and on Twitter, specify the Twitter account, such as @whizbuzz. You can also search by using Google.

Book popularity is calculated on the most page views over a rolling 30 day period, so you need to encourage people to visit your book page. You can do this by sharing your page regularly on your own social media accounts. There are sharing buttons on your book page to make this very easy.

Adding a link to your blog sidebar or at the end of your posts is also an easy way to get more page views.

You can add a link to your Facebook page, Goodreads and other social media profiles as well.

After one year, your book will remain listed on Whizbuzz Books, as will your author link. Your book will be visible in the genre pages of Whizbuzz Books, so your book will continue to be promoted for as long as it remains available for sale.

After 365 days, your book will no longer be posted on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, nor will it appear in our More Great Reads, Poular Books or 100 Book Picks sections.

Please note that if your book is removed from sale, and is no longer available, it will be removed from our site.

No, you can’t extend. However, if you would like your book to be promoted for another full year on Facebook and Twitter, you can do so by submitting your book again.

No. We only offer one full year promotion.

Often Asked Questions

Whizbuzz Books has been in business since 2010.

Yes, you certainly can. We use Amazon APIs and our promotion works in sync with Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. Our promotion can only improve your book’s potential if it is enrolled in KDP Select.

No, our Twitter and Facebook following is totally organic. We have never bought followers and never will.

Our social media network has been built over many years and our followers are generally interested in books, writing, publishing, blogging and other related topics.

The amount of interaction on our social media accounts by such means as Liking, sharing and commenting is good proof of the vitality and organic nature of our accounts.

If you would like to check our Twitter accounts, you can use Twitter Audit to verify our real follower score.

Yes, you can. The only proviso is that your book cover and book description must be suitable for a general audience and cannot include explicit or graphic images or language. Generally, if your book has been accepted and published on Amazon or Apple, it will conform to our general audience standard.

However, if you are not sure your book meets our standards, Contact Us first, including a link to your book on Amazon or Apple, so we can check for its suitability and we will advise you of your book’s acceptability by return email.

You can find hundreds of free self-publishing advice articles on Just Publishing Advice.

Every social media network has different specifications for images. Unfortunately, rarely do they accept portrait images. When it is possible we make social media posts in portrait. However, we always endeavour to make social media cover images clickable to the book’s page on Whizbuzz Books.

You can use our contact page to ask us any question related to our book promotion. We usually answer within 24 hours.