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What's the book BUZZ on Whizbuzz Books

Whizbuzz is always very, very busy promoting books!

Scroll down the BUZZ page to see all the books that Whizbuzz Books is currently promoting on its primary social media accounts by time and date. This page is updated every two hours.

You can view all books, but it is best to select one social network at a time to scan. Use the selector box on the top left of the display panel to choose from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr or RSS feed. To view a book post on its individual social media platform, click on the post and and then click on the time posted in the lightbox.

This page is infinite scroll, which means you can go back days or even weeks to see how busy we have been. Just keep scrolling down and then click Load More to see more books. Have fun!

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Please note that the BUZZ page is indicative only. Calls to social media networks are cached and updated every two hours and may be restricted by the number of feed output results, which can lead to ommissions or duplication.