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The eMusketeers : Bob Witty

The eMusketeersThe eMusketeers is a series of short stories and cautionary tales that are connected through quasi-human characters who represent four functions of technology.

The eMusketeers are the record keeper, the algorithm, social media, and multimedia – Bill, Al, Sam, and Mike. They track everything, respond to requests, create not-so-private journals, and are always listening and watching. No bits and bytes.

Has technology brought boundless opportunities, vast conveniences, and incredible prosperity, or has it enabled injustices, abuses, and absurdities? The answers are unique, individual, and diverse and are left to the reader to decide.
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Ear we Go! : Roshni Patel

Ear we Go! (The Courageous Creatures Collection)Mr Potterson the elephant hates his big, floppy ears and has decided to have them chopped off.

On his journey through the forest to see Dr. Zigzag the Zebra, he falls upon a series of poopy, unfortunate situations. His animal friends, a giraffe, mouse, blackbird, and sloth try and save him, but will he open his ears and listen to them?

The book teaches the importance of listening to helpful advice, that we can choose to appreciate every part of our body and that joy and purpose can be found in helping others.

I have attached the link for details: Ear we Go!: 1 (The Courageous Creatures Collection)

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OCELLICON: Future Visions

OCELLICON is military
science fiction with elements of legal/detective/mystery/feminist/neo-noir
sci-fi. Earth barely survives nuclear battles until the militaries of the world
take over from authoritarians. Prosecutor Major Annalisa Farrell, Military Academy
honors graduate, war hero, wounded warrior, and child abuse survivor fights to
champion justice. But an apocalyptic struggle for power and control from within
threatens to destroy years of Earth peace and interrupt alliances with other
planets unless the traitors are discovered and stopped. Can heroic warriors
save humans from their own self-destruction?

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The Ashavan : James Parrish

The Ashavan: The Secret History of the Multiverse (Across the Asha Book 1)

It’s dark and foul in the sewers of Mazu, capital city of the Island of Mazu. The wide, slimy tunnels that were originally constructed to spew excess water deposited by the Stormphoenix back into the Middle Sea now house an elite team of magi, readying themselves for a near suicidal assault on the impenetrable castle known simply as the Gray Keep. Amongst them John Michael Williams and Lilith Smith, two Drifters from Earth, sit side by side in the muck, wondering how the twists and turns of their very different lives brought them together in this frightening new world called Nocht.

There is not one universe, but many, and like all things, each world is paired with its opposite. Earth is no exception. Its sister world of Nocht has leveraged a mystical connection to steal life from Earth since the dawn of time, spawning a chaotic and often dangerous evolutionary timeline that seamlessly melds history and fantasy. This dark sister-planet is particularly selective over humans however, choosing to take only those gifted with magical ability.

As Drifters, both Mike and Lily are granted these magical gifts. After being pulled away from their family, friends, and countries their foreign status in this ancient world both elevate and alienate them in the ruthless social hierarchy of humans that have managed to survive Nocht’s harsh environment for millennia. Despite arriving in that world at different times and ages, they lean on each other heavily, bonding over a shared past and leverage each other’s skillsets to survive an invasion by a refined, yet vicious nation of warriors known as the Alari. The first leg of their story ends with confessions of love, and with the pair being threatened into separation by forces beyond their control.

Can two exiles outwit and outfight the unforgiving forces of Nocht and return home to their families? Only time will tell.

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That’s How It Was : Hazel Pacheco

That's How It Was

A slyly funny and heart-warming tribute to childhood before technology. . .

The last day of the family’s annual visit to the farm is
filled with intrigue. Grandma is questioned, a long-forgotten book of letters
is revealed, and Operation Finders-Keeper is set into motion. Still, it takes
the trip home to finally uncover the answers Randy Ray’s daughter is seeking.

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Apocalypse : Dr. Andrew C S Koh

Apocalypse: understanding the book of Revelation

The Book of Revelation is the most challenging New Testament book to unravel. This is God’s message to all believers regarding future world events. This book unravels the meaning of keywords, verses, symbols, and personalities in the book of Revelation. It lays out God’s overarching plan of salvation and promise for all believers. This is the last book of a series of the author’s New Testament commentaries designed for laymen. This book is suitable for readers from all levels of maturity, whether a bible newbie, a bible scholar or anywhere in between. The practical and relevant insights help you get the most out of God’s word.

Many of us find the Book of Revelation intimidating. There is also confusion over its intended audience. Because of this, the story has changed many times, and the story about the Antichrist and the 144,000 chosen people is still being told.

Dr. Koh uses everyday language to explain the writings of John to his seven churches. He tells them to prepare themselves for the hard times to come.The Apostle also bids them rejoice, for final victory is coming. He encourages them to take heart with the help of the Holy Spirit and be ready ‘in season and out of season’ to witness for Jesus Christ and endure in their faith to the end.

The author points out how disappointed John would be if the reader only focused on the tribulation, the terrible plagues and the judgment. The Apostle wrote this ‘revelation’ so that all of us would be blessed if we take heart and prepare ourselves accordingly.

God will be victorious, and the faithful will hear Him say, “Behold, God’s dwelling is with His people, and he will dwell with them, and they will be His people, and God Himself will be with them as their God.”

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The Vitruvian Mask : BJ Sikes

The Vitruvian Mask (The Roboticist of Versailles Book 2)1881: The electric lights of Paris
have been extinguished.

The Naturalist revolution is over.
Adelaide was on the losing side. Once the Royal Scientist Doctor for
the now-dead cyborg monarchs of France, she’s now a fugitive, hiding
from the new king’s Police Sécrète.

Pregnant and alone, she seeks refuge
in a Parisian hospital but things have changed there too. What was
once a cathedral of Science is now a bastion of ignorance and

The battlefield veterans whose
Augmented prosthetics she once created are shunned by the new regime
and come to the hospital for her help. But her nemesis, the father of
her child, has returned to France and threatens to reveal her illegal
activities to the authorities.

Can Adelaide repair her Augmented
patients without losing her freedom … or her life?

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Descended : Ingrid J. Adams


1990s SYDNEY.



Indigo Wolfe is that guy everybody wants to be or
be with. He lights up everyone he meets and he definitely knows how to have fun.

But he’s barely holding on by a thread.

Because Indigo
isn’t what he seems. He has secrets. And he’s so often consumed — by the pain, by
the darkness, by all he can feel and hear and see that no one else can.

When he meets the ethereal Cordelia Carlisle, he’s
hit with a sense of recognition that traverses lifetimes. He’s welcomed into
her family, and as they grow closer he lets her see the parts of him he keeps

The only thing he can’t show her is she’s everything
to him.

When they’re torn apart, Indigo descends into
darkness, bombarded by that which is not of this world.

Why is he plagued by abilities others are not?

Indigo must choose whether to give up, or whether
to fight — for himself, for answers, and for Cordelia, the girl he seems
destined to love and to lose over and over, life after life… 

Unless this time, he can get it right.

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Moments of Distress to Delight : Emily Kay Tan

Moments of Distress to Delight: How to Progress from StressAnnoyances, irritations, displeasure, and discomfort all bring forth frustration or anger. There are different ways to deal with them. But as you transit through the personal stories in this book, you can progress from distress. From any life happenstance, you can turn negative situations into positive instances by putting on lenses that add value and enrich your experiences.
This book opens into real-life moments of distress to delight. A little stress and strain here and there can all add up to create much pain. Before getting engulfed in fury and rage, you can move from distress to delight by seeing the gems in unpleasant situations. The stories told happened, and the disclosed perceptions reveal appreciation and beauty in life that can alleviate discontent and bring brightness to darkness.

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GoodBuy, Things! : Fan XI Yu

GoodBuy, Things!

Why Our Homes Are Full of Stuffs That We Don’t Need: A Look at Materialism and Our Spiritual Well-Being

We all want our homes to be comfortable, inviting and clutter-free, but often, our homes are overrun with senseless objects bought on impulse or without a true purpose. Why Our Homes Are Full of Stuffs that We Don’t Need takes a deeper look at why we fill our homes with useless clutter and how this affects our spiritual well-being.

The book explains that the cluttered and chaotic homes we live in is a direct symptom of materialism running rampant in our society today. We are always looking for ways to buy more things, whether it be with the latest trends, marketing campaigns, or just playing into our own sense of insecurity. In extreme cases, some people accumulate so much stuff that their homes become cramped, cramped and health- hazgered, deteriorating their mental and physical health.

The book goes on to explore why materialism does not make us happy. Although retail therapy might offer temporary relief, it can quickly lead to guilt and overspending, creating a cycle of unhappiness. As we seek validation in things that don’t provide any true fulfillment, we become disconnected from our life’s mission and from a spiritual perspective.

The book illuminates how reorganizing our home and giving ourselves permission to part with the things we don’t need can help restore balance to our lives. It explains that taking control of the clutter around us can be beneficial for our mental health and for our spiritual journey.

Should you choose to read this book, you can expect to learn about how your home can become a sanctuary of peace and why materialism will not make us happy. You will be provided with a roadmap of reorganizing your home to create a more balanced living environment and reap the rewards of spiritual well-being.

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