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Jennifer’s Secret, Book 1 of Familiar Hauntings Series : Kathy Madsen

Jennifer's Secret, Book 1 of Familiar Hauntings Series : Kathy Madsen

When Jennifer received word that her estranged
aunt wished to see her as soon as possible, she had no clue that this marked
the beginning of a life-altering change. Given her current circumstances, though,
even upheaval sounded appealing. Soon Jennifer found herself in a new town with
a budding romance. Something was “off” about the home she inherited, however. A
determined Jennifer slowly unravels the secret of the house and the
implications it will have moving forward.

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ABCs to Amazon Self Publishing : DR. Andrew C S Koh

ABCs to Amazon Self Publishing : DR. Andrew C S Koh


This is a sequel to my first book, “Memoirs of a Doctor”. The book is divided into two sections. In the first section, I shared my journey into the world of writing and publication. In the second section, I shared the tips and tricks on how to publish on Amazon as an independent publisher.


A great book as a study for new authors to overcome any mental blocks and get started. A simple guide, well written and easy to follow, step-by-step guidance on how to write and publish your books. A great motivator and full of information. I am on the ARC team and I leave an honest review. I recommend this book to other readers, J Sharmani, Bookbub, 5 out of stars.

A very useful and informative book for amateur writers with tips and tricks to get started and motivated. This book will help to diffuse any mental blocks and a great inspiration to help new authors to get started. I received this book for free and I leave an honest review. I recommend this book to other readers, Goodreads, J Sharmani, 5 out of 5 stars.

This is a nice concise guide for a person who has no experience on how to self-publish their book on Amazon. It is truly helpful, Rowan E Creech, Goodreads, 5 out of 5 stars

Dr. Koh makes good on his promise to teach the beginner everything he or she needs to know to get started as a self-publisher on Amazon. This book is a fountain of knowledge if the reader sticks with it long enough to get to the meat of the matter which is found in the second half of the book. What I downloaded this book for and what most people will have downloaded it for is found in chapters five through ten. The first half of the book is interesting reading, but it’s not essential to learn how to publish with KDP, so I recommend reading the second half of the book first and then going back and reading the first half when time permits, Jerry Walsh, Amazon, 4 out of 5 stars

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Manna of Life Daily Devotions : Dr. Andrew C S Koh

Manna of Life Daily Devotions : Dr. Andrew C S Koh


Manna of Life is a unique 20-day devotional book. Each day’s devotion contains a selected scripture, then provides a commentary on the verses for us to gain a fuller knowledge of God’s Word, Brad Simon, Amazon, Goodreads, 5 stars

In this devotional booklet, each day starts with a verse-by-verse commentary, followed by application and prayer. I enjoyed reading this devotional booklet, Ruth wu Wong, Amazon, Bookbub, Goodreads, 5 stars

This is the perfect book to read a passage daily, contemplate the word of God, and enrich your life daily. It is a concise yet enriching book for a Christian, Rowan E. Creech, Goodreads, 5 stars.

It’s a daily devotion that encourages readers to further enrich their lives to love God better and practice their faith which gives more meaning to their lives, J. Sharmani, Goodreads, 5 stars

Dr. Andrew C S Koh has created daily devotions from 20 carefully selected Bible passages and given them new life with his original insights. Each devotion includes practical ways for the Christian to apply Scripture to his or her everyday situations, and a prayer to bring the reader closer to God. My favorite is Stones of Remembrances, Hilary Walker, Goodreads,5 stars

A 20-day devotional book. The dialogue in each passage will assist in the reader’s understanding of the scriptures and how they apply to our daily lives, PAR, Goodreads, 5 stars

Easy to read and study God’s Word devotional. A perfect reflection on the Journey of Christ. Recommend this book to all, T Townsend, Amazon, Goodreads, 5 stars

Easy to read and study God’s Word devotional A perfect reflection on the Journey of Christ. Recommend the book to all, T. Townsend, 5 stars

Manna of Life Daily Devotions by Dr. Andrew C S Koh is an inspirational book, it touches on lots of important topics that cause the reader to stop and think, Borgia Swaby, Goodreads, 4 stars

It is a nice devotional to stop and ponder about the word of God, Malgorzata B, Amazon, 3 stars

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Liberation Through Bondage : Jessica Audu

Liberation Through Bondage : Jessica Audu

Liberation Through Bondage written for the lovers; for the passionate; for those who are willing to dive deep into their psyche and explore their most complex inner thoughts and emotions. This book is for the lonely, the troubled, the brave, the dreamers and the sensitive souls who are forever in search of liberation.

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The heart knows what the mind cannot see : Toby Negus

The heart knows what the mind cannot see : Toby Negus

This is a thought-provoking and enlightening exploration of
spirituality and perception. The text functions as a guide to self-improvement,
with a mixture of autobiographical elements and snippets of universal wisdom.
The speaker provides accessible solutions to life’s difficulties, and an
outlook of optimism applicable to any circumstance. The illustrations and graphics
are thoughtfully chosen, and the interactive textual elements give this work an
originality that sets it apart. The speaker’s own experiences and conclusions
are at the heart of this fiction, and the first person narrative voice creates
a sense of proximity between author and reader. The text describes itself as ‘a
journey to the heart’, and this truthful discovery of the self is reflected in
the speaker’s revelation of his whole self through the text. The narrative
often presents a dichotomy between positive and negative outlooks or voices.

For example, the speaker includes sections in which his
self-doubt speaks, ‘you’ve got no proper education, you can’t spell properly,
you’re dyslexic and your grammar is crap. You’re not really a writer’. This
negative voice directly opposes the sense of self-belief the speaker builds
within the narrative. He uses examples such as this to remind readers that the
journey to happiness is complex and that flaws or setbacks are natural. The
negative separation or fragmentation of the self is prevalent in the lines, ‘I
do not love the grumpy me, the sad me, the hostile me, the parts of me that act
as if I do not care’. The act of writing represents a unification of the self
and an attempt to reframe the speaker’s life into coherence. The frequent use
of direct address and rhetorical questions promotes an active reading
experience, in which the author opens up a dialogue with the reader. The text
includes prompts and activities for the reader to engage with and learn from. Encouraging
readers to take part in the text is emblematic of their journey to
self-fulfilment and love, in which they must take responsibility for actively
creating their own happiness.

The speaker depicts his process of enlightenment as a
framework for others to emulate, and the format of the text demonstrates the
transfer of agency to those who take part in the speaker’s challenges at the
end of each chapter. This work ultimately teaches us that ‘we are the cause of
what is’ and thus sheds light on the crucial idea that every individual has the
power to create themselves and their world positively.

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A Broken Childhood : Lydia Taiwo

When you have been abused, you do not know what love really means. All you know is abuse and terror.
When people do eventually show love, it is difficult to understand why.
Love does not make sense to an abused child. Did you know that?
Trust is another challenge; it is so hard to trust anybody. Having been abused myself, I found it very difficult to trust anybody, even my parents.

Not being believed was another concern – I was afraid that I would never be believed. This fear grew even more when I had to give evidence in court. Even the lawyers did not believe me until I exposed all the injuries on my head, having to remove my wig. There were over eight of them. It was shocking.
But there is hope for an abused victim. You can live again…

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It’s Time to Turn Up! No More Trauma : Donetia Meshack

It's Time to Turn Up! No More Trauma : Donetia MeshackLiving your best life begins by unleashing the points of power within.

It’s Time to Turn Up, No More Trauma, Volume 1, celebrates the power of owning our stories and making peace with the past. Buried beneath the story of every trauma survivor lies an inner strength and indestructible body of truth capable of changing the trajectory of their lives.

This volume paves the way for kindred spirits by rolling out compassionate and battle-tested guidance for tapping into the inner strength required to reframe and transform painful life events into opportunities for growth. Lady D drops the mic on lessons learned, positive affirmations, life skills, self-care routines, and spiritual insight used to mitigate the adverse effects of trauma arising during a seventeen-year stay in foster care.

You will discover how to use your gifts and talents and spirit of creativity to navigate pathways for healing within reach to open doors for living your best life and experiencing positive life change.

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Winter : Andrew Boyd

Winter : Andrew Boyd

How insane would you be?

A look into the mind of a dead boy named Adam: a young teenager born a few months after an incident that created a worldwide plague of the walking dead. Adam’s soul has been trapped inside of his frozen body for countless years, and while he is physically dead, his mind is very much alive.

He can only think and relive on his past life experiences. In his mind, he recalls the winter that led to the breaking up of his family. He and his mom, Ashley, separate from the power of his violent and isolationist father George, to go live in a newly established military compound during the warmer months.

However, the years of no human contact takes its toll on Adam as he struggles to learn and fit into the social norms of a civilization desperately grasping onto a dead world. With no end in sight, Adam has slipped into a deep level of insanity while being frozen as a member of the walking dead. He longs for the day he will finally be set free from the ice and into the warm embrace of the afterlife.

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Memoirs of a Doctor : Dr. Andrew C S Koh

Memoirs of a Doctor : Dr. Andrew C S Koh


Memoirs of a Doctor is the story of Dr. Andrew C.S. Koh’s faith journey through life from his humble childhood until his retirement in 2020. He comes from a very poor background, from a very small and insignificant town in Malaysia. Although Andrew’s parents were non-Christians, God had sown the seed of the gospel message into his heart as early as primary school, in the chapel service through the story of the prodigal son.


An insightful journey of the life of a doctor, Dr. Andrew C S Koh. This is an easy and interesting book and when someone picks it up to read, he will not put it down until the last page. A true, interesting, and colorful life story of an ordinary person who becomes a cardiologist with the help and guidance of God, who is always planning and guiding his life. The panoramic view of a village boy to a city doctor is interspersed with beautiful poems. A book I find great relief and comfort for the soul, Moon, Ng, Goodreads, 5 stars

From Malaysia to other continents covering a period of almost fifty years, Koh shared his interesting and colorful memoir with us. I am drawn to stories that show how God guides someone through life’s unpredictable struggles and challenges. The narration in this book is easy to read, J R Wu-Wong, Amazon, Bookbub, Goodreads, 5 stars  

I am truly fond of the genre of World Literature, memoirs, and biographies. There is so much we can learn. Dr. Koh’s ability to recount his adventures from childhood to the current day is incredible.  The book introduced me to visions of cultural life in countries I have not had the opportunity to explore. One scene that surprised me is that of a woman doing her laundry in a river and being swallowed by a crocodile! Elizabeth O Caroll, Amazon and Good Reads, 5 stars

Memoirs of a Doctor is an inspirational and heart-warming book about faithfulness to God. A book that reminds us to stay strong when the days are hard. Dr. Koh reveals moments of his life in a motivational, educational and engaging way. A book that you will keep in the back of your mind. Great and easy read, Valentina, Goodreads, 5 stars

An endearing read about a young boy who grew up poor in a village in Malaysia. Dr. Andrew C S Koh shares with the reader his truthful and insightful journey into the life of a doctor. He writes in an easy, engaging, and interesting manner that will keep the reader engaged. Dr. Koh shares stories about his childhood, education, a career in different towns. He shares his marriage, family, loss of friends, an encounter with paralysis, Pamela Anne Reinert, Amazon, 5 stars

A beautiful life story of Dr.Andrew and his childhood memories. He had many hardships but he overcame all these troubles to become a cardiac doctor. His belief in Christ and his inspiration to testify is very heartwarming. An Inspiring book, Sharmani Jeyaram, Goodreads, 5 stars

Dr. Koh provided glimpses of his life in a short, loveable, and easy-to-read book. I enjoyed his reminiscing about the kind of life he lived in the cities and villages in Malaysia before the arrival of social media. His varied experiences as a government, private, and military physician were a novelty to read as well, Bob, Amazon, 4 stars

I loved reading this book as it took me back to the stories that my grandmother told me of the days when she was growing up. It is hard for some who have grown up with our modern-day computers and gadgets to think of a day when things were slower, harder, and communication even slower. Dr. Koh’s story is a great reminder of where we have come from and to not forget our origins, Rowan Creech, Goodreads., 4 stars

A concise memoir of the doctor’s path from freethinker to Christianity, as well as his feeling of God’s hand of provenance at key junctions in his life!Jan Paessler Amazon, 4 stars

Dr. Andrew C S Koh’s memoir is a beautiful narration of his life story and journey of faith. It is written in simple English and the book is easy to read. You will be encouraged and inspired, as I was, by his stories and his life as a Christian, Steven Heoe, Goodreads, 5 stars

Dr. Koh has portrayed an excellent abstract of his life story defining significant times such as childhood and adolescence, and the times he was touched by the grace of God. It is an interesting book, full of the spices of life, touching, sad, and sweet reminiscences of his past that will stir the heart of any reader. It is extremely well-written with a few sweet little poems here and there. Passionate touches of God in his life give one great inspiration and encouragement to strive on, Carol Chow, Goodreads, 5 stars.

The memoirs are a recollection of memories and episodes that stretches from childhood until retirement. An interesting novel that relates the troubles and tribulations encountered but which were overcome with sheer determination, Chandran, Goodreads, 5 stars.

The story of your life can be summarised in one word AMAZING. I praise and thank God for you and all that you have done to spread the gospel and the precious Word of God. My wife and I remember you and your wife when you were in Taiping for a short while in the 1970s. May God continue to bless you and your ministry. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord, Solomon, Goodreads, 5 stars

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ANGELA & THE DEVIL : Lawrence David Niren

ANGELA & THE DEVIL : Lawrence David Niren Angela & The Devil is the 13th novel published in November 2022 from the wild lesbian political controversial spiritual author Lawrence David Niren, who is a recent addition to the horseshoe bat family. The novel concerns an extraordinary divine nine year old girl who is shot and killed while defending her family from a robber with a gun, and is sent up to heaven to be with the Lord God, the Son of God, and Juvia, the Lord’s oldest and favorite angel, where she is made an angel, who goes on great missions with Juvia to save poor hungry and homeless children, adults, and animals in Jerusalem, to find the Cup of the Holy Grail, free a country from a giant General dictator, asked by the Lord to find ten righteous men and ten righteous women in the world so that He doesn’t need to destroy the whole world once again, and has numerous encounters with the Devil that she and Juvia are victorious against, until she commits a terrible sin and allows herself to be captured by the Devil, who punishes her very severely, but she recovers and is forgiven by the Lord God, until finally the Devil is captured in a bottle and put on trial for his evil. This is a novel about a girl with amazing faith, courage, wisdom, and love, who, except for having committing one sin, is a perfect person, and may be a combination of the Son of God and King David in one, and is a novel filled with hope and certainty that the Lord God and His Son Jesus, are in heaven watching over Mankind always, and doing so much for the world and universe.

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