ANGELA & THE DEVIL : Lawrence David Niren

ANGELA & THE DEVIL : Lawrence David Niren

ANGELA & THE DEVIL : Lawrence David Niren Angela & The Devil is the 13th novel published in November 2022 from the wild lesbian political controversial spiritual author Lawrence David Niren, who is a recent addition to the horseshoe bat family. The novel concerns an extraordinary divine nine year old girl who is shot and killed while defending her family from a robber with a gun, and is sent up to heaven to be with the Lord God, the Son of God, and Juvia, the Lord’s oldest and favorite angel, where she is made an angel, who goes on great missions with Juvia to save poor hungry and homeless children, adults, and animals in Jerusalem, to find the Cup of the Holy Grail, free a country from a giant General dictator, asked by the Lord to find ten righteous men and ten righteous women in the world so that He doesn’t need to destroy the whole world once again, and has numerous encounters with the Devil that she and Juvia are victorious against, until she commits a terrible sin and allows herself to be captured by the Devil, who punishes her very severely, but she recovers and is forgiven by the Lord God, until finally the Devil is captured in a bottle and put on trial for his evil. This is a novel about a girl with amazing faith, courage, wisdom, and love, who, except for having committing one sin, is a perfect person, and may be a combination of the Son of God and King David in one, and is a novel filled with hope and certainty that the Lord God and His Son Jesus, are in heaven watching over Mankind always, and doing so much for the world and universe.

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