Drink From The Furry Cup : Lawrence David Niren

Drink From The Furry Cup : Lawrence David Niren

Drink From The Furry Cup : Lawrence David NirenDrink From The Furry Cup is the newest and 11th novel of the controversial author Lawrence David Niren, completed on December 29, 2021, about 8 wonderful lesbians aged 14 until 30 and their 8 hamsters angels and angel shepherd dog and angel cat, featuring a most extraordinary hamster angel The Biter, as they embark on missions for the Lord over a 16 year time period, where they rid churches and the Vatican itself of all the evil pedophile priests and Mother Superiors in both the U.S. and in Rome, Italy; they force African countries and their tyrant dictators to abolish kidnapping children as young as seven and eight to compel them into their armies, as well as eliminating the horrible mistreatment of those same countries of their cutting off the clitorises of young girls from birth to five years old; they help many thousands of young women and teenage girls to escape from the Taliban in Afghanistan; they eliminate the massive promiscuity of women in New Zealand of all places; they free political prisoners in countries in Asia and Europe that have been illegally held by other evil dictators; and they free all the good people and prostitutes of Tijuana from terrible gang leaders, drugs lords, and human traffickers, with the help of trans people who are true vigilantes in Mexico; and they do all this remarkable work that the Lord gives them, in the same manner as some of the wonderful prophets and kings in the Old Testament have helped fulfill the Lord’s commands.

And along the way these 8 young and ravishing lesbians marry, and have the most amazing and breathtaking lovemaking between them that can only be fantasized and imagined to know, so that this story becomes an Odyssey of the highest form of spiritual, emotional, physical, mental, depth, wisdom, pleasure, and lesbian erotic sex and love, with the Lord’s understanding, acceptance, and approval, and is a real adventure of entertainment and redemption, as one lesbian also searches for her long lost daughter that was kidnapped from her by the priests and nuns in a church when she was 14, while in turn her own parents, who had their daughter kidnapped from them, search for her, with three perceptive detectives who find out the sheer genius of the Lord, His angels, and the lesbians themselves.

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