The Ecstasy : Lawrence David Niren

The Ecstasy : Lawrence David Niren

The Ecstasy : Lawrence David NirenApparently the document had been placed in a box at the Cathedral Nuestra Senora Del Loreto in Mendoza, Argentina, without anyone noticing its appearance until the evening came and the priest was closing the doors for the night, and he happened to see that a huge book-like document, that seemed to be extremely important looking, was inside, with the document having no envelope covering it.

The priest glanced around the church to see if there were still any parishioners about, perhaps either trying to quietly depart from a seat in the back or near the exit without being seen, but he could not locate a single person who still remained in the cathedral that used to be a church.

And for reasons which were even unknown to him, he was reluctant to open the document then and there, as although the document had a black page in front of it, he was able to make out the words that were handwritten in bold dark ink, that shocked him more than any words he had ever read before in his life: “Last Will And Testament Of The Man Who May Have Been Jesus Reincarnated”.

The Ecstasy asks and answers the incredible question of what if Jesus appeared today reincarnated in another man, or two men, or in three men, such as a grandfather, father, and son, or The Father, The Son, And The Holy Spirit. It is very spiritual and inspirational, and gives you great hope and belief that there is a God here now with you always if you believe. It is also about saving and protecting all the animals in the world.

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