The Kazandra Appearance : Lawrence David Niren


The Kazandra Appearance : Lawrence David Niren

The Kazandra Appearance : Lawrence David NirenThe author Lawrence David Niren’s latest novel The Kazandra Appearance, is a powerful story of a mission that God sends a beautiful extraordinary woman Kazandra, together with God’s most perfect and oldest angel Juvia, along with God’s newest angel Fishfin, on, to save, protect, and liberate lesbians, bisexual women, transgenders, transsexuals, women who commit adultery, and women who have sex before marriage, against the 70 Islamic Muslim countries around the world that condemn LGBTQ groups and treat them so horribly, with some of those countries actually stripping them naked, beating them, and even executing them by either stoning, hanging, or beheading.

The Kazandra Appearance is also about God’s test to find out what is the most important part of life for human beings to decide on, if you were given a choice by God: That you can have the most wonderful life with no pain or suffering, everything that you desire, and you live to 100, but you do not have God or God’s Son or your guardian angels in your life ever. Or you have God, God’s Son, and your guardian angels every second with you, but you suffer in pain and die at 30. What would we chose to have in our lives if God suddenly gave us that choice?

This story is about one woman’s incredible choice to sacrifice herself to save another woman she doesn’t even know and is a complete stranger to her, who she takes the place of, in the ultimate altruism that she makes to have God, God’s Son Jesus, and her 2 guardian angels Juvia and Fishfin, in her very short life, in which God tells her she will have to suffer in pain, and die at 30.

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