God, the Devil & the Curse of Tippecanoe : Lawrence David Niren

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God, the Devil & the Curse of Tippecanoe : Lawrence David Niren

God, The Devil & The Curse Of Tippecanoe : Lawrence David NirenFact: Whoever is President in 2020 will either die in office, be shot, or be deathly ill. Nine Presidents prove that.

On March 4, 1841, William Henry Harrison was sworn in as the new President. He was 68 years old, which made him the oldest President ever. He rode into the Capital on a horse without a coat or hat in miserably freezing winter, and was known as a great hero in the War of 1812, in many Indian Wars before and after, and in the Battle of Tippecanoe against the nation of Shawnee Indians, where he killed their Indian chief, and the brother of the chief, who was said to be a prophet, put a curse on Harrison that he would die as President, and that every President who followed him, would also either die as President, or would almost die, every 20 years after Harrison, known as The Curse of Tippecanoe.

On April 4, 1841, just 31 days after he was sworn in as President, according to history, William Henry Harrison died of pneumonia, and since then a President has either died or almost died, from assassinations, illnesses, or from assassination attempts every 20 years. The curse has been perfect, and can be verified by anyone who reads history on Presidents in the United States, who were sworn in, following Harrison in 1840, and 1860 with Lincoln, 1880 with Garfield, 1900 with McKinley, Wilson in 1920, FDR in 1940, Kennedy in 1960, Reagan in 1980, Bush in 2000, and 2020, when either the insect Trump will be shot, beheaded, or suffer with excruciating pain from an illness like the plague, or a Democrat President will be shot by a Trump nazi moronic worshipper. Either way, whoever gets elected President in 2020 will either die in office, be shot, or be deathly ill.

But did President Harrison really die in office on April 4, 1841, just 31 days after he had become President, or did something else happen, like what happened to Job in the Bible?

This novel explores an extraordinary test, that God and the Devil made on Harrison, and details his life before he became President, while he was President for 31 days, and his fascinating life after, including his ownership of a wild lesbian and bisexual brothel in Canada, where evidence has been found that may prove that Harrison never died in 1841!

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