Empire Under the Swans: Dusk : Antti Ruokonen

Empire Under the Swans: Dusk : Antti Ruokonen

Empire Under the Swans: Dusk : Antti RuokonenEmpire Under the Swans: Dusk

Praised for his work on factual books, Antti Ruokonen has found new territory in which to dip his quill pen.

Era is a world in which two continents – Zori and Novi – are ruled by a great Empire centered in the capital isle of Aedieamus. Only the continent of Restos remains out of its grasp, surrounded by the untamed Great Sea with fleet wrecking storms to discourage even the bravest expedition.

Peace has reigned for over 500 years ever since the Age of War ended with a unified Empire rising from the ashes of destruction.

Swans have always held a hallowed status in Era and it was two giant swans which marked the first meeting of Erastos and Aurela on the final battlefield of the Age of War.

Their descendants have ruled the Empire from the Swan throne on Aedieamus with a firm but fair hand ever since.

But all is not well beneath the surface. Emperor Erastion IV has been gravely ill for many years and his once firm hand could no longer keep in check the corruption, greed and malice that lurks near all centers of power. His only daughter Princess Elean is the future of the Empire.

Erastion IV knows he is dying and entrusts his loyal knight Fer to save the Princess. However, Fer’s glorious past has long ago given way to a present of boredom and drunkenness. Now the fate of the Empire rests on the shoulders of a reprobate.

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