Inseparable : W. Dorsett HeadenOn the surface, Derrick Hill is a successful, hardworking soul artist running his own record label with his business partner-his sexy wife Donicia. However, behind closed doors, the couple are sexually adventurous bisexual swingers.

Their wild, debaucherous lifestyle takes a turn when they fall in love with another married couple; Julian and Renee’ Domingo. Hot, unchained lust leads them down a path of raw eroticism and melodrama.

In the end, they have to re-evaluate their priorities and acknowledge their limitations.

Inseparable has it all, wall to wall hardcore action combined with humor, a killer cool story, and unforgettable characters.

Unlike any erotic novel you will ever read, Inseparable is destined to be a cult classic.

Enter if you dare!


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Inseparable: An Erotic Tale Of An African American Bisexual Couple : W. Dorsett Headen
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