Akida the Audacious : Nu’man Thabit

Akida the Audacious : Nu’man Thabit

Akida the Audacious : Nu'man ThabitThis volume of the book begins a new story, a foundation, The life of a leader, a king, and the way he deals with problems within and outside his kingdom. He faces many problems, as his kingdom is surrounded by enemies. Speaks about his intellect and how he is always ten steps ahead of his enemy, shows his brilliance when it comes to military tactics and strategy. It also speaks about his romance and his love life and him finding time in his busy schedule as a king for it. Lastly is speaks about his absolute fearlessness and mental strength facing his problems.

[ A tall man with long black hair and black beard on his horse riding on a path alone. He comes up to a palace gate, upon entering he notices the entire palace in rubles. Dead bodies are scattered all around and under the ruble. He sees a guard, gasping for breath as he lays on the ground. He gets off his horse and walks up to the guard.]

Akida: “ What happened to you? Who did this to the palace?”

In a faint voice, the guard replies.

Guard: “ They threw barrels of whale oil from catapults then shot them with flaming arrows, they blew up the entire palace. I saw them, there were 3 of them.”

After the guard tells him that, the guard dies. Akida gets back on his horse and travels North.

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