The Profound Truth of Divine Existence : Paul Hume BrewsterThe Profound Truth of Divine Existence – A New Modern Teaching

Take an amazing journey with Paul Hume Brewster as he explores the universe, our perception of it, the reason for it, and why it was created. Learn about the mind and consciousness—how and why they differ from each other—and how the ego fits into it all. Higher dimensions, God, knowledge and truth connect in unexpected ways, altering our perceptions of the universe and all it entails.

Expanding definitions of the universe and its creation require opening your mind and enjoying the ride that follows, reaching ever-higher dimensions and different states of consciousness, freeing the mind by healing it. The Profound Truth of Divine Existence makes readers think, challenging them to discover that knowledge must precede perception and turns traditional wisdom on its head with a view of the universe never before presented.


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The Profound Truth of Divine Existence : Paul Hume Brewster

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