Grandma’s Town : William Schumpert

Grandma’s Town : William Schumpert

Grandma’s Town : William SchumpertThe Grandmother she loved was not the Grandmother she knew. Soon Heather and her newly wedded husband Jason will be moving to the town where her Grandmother lived. Tattertown was such a nice community. With the nicest people. Almost too good to be true…

Newlyweds Jason and Heather move to the small town of Tattertown, with a new job opportunity for Jason and fond memories from Heather. The memories she shared of her dear Grandmother in that town.

They begin by joining a new social group. But unbeknownst to them the ‘group’ has a dark secret linked to them. A dark and chilling past linked to her Grandmother. A chilling secret that could bring Hell to Earth…

“This book grabs your attention from the very beginning…” — Amazon review

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