How To Be An Adult For Teens, The Practical Side : Genius Rascal Press

How To Be An Adult For Teens, The Practical Side : Genius Rascal Press

How To Be An Adult For Teens, The Practical Side : Genius Rascal PressAre you a teen looking to learn the right life skills to live independently, or do you have a teen learning to become a responsible adult?

It’s no surprise that learning all the practical skills for an independent life is vital for a successful future! And it’s important to learn these life skills the right way, all during the most crucial years of your life – the teenage years.

“How To Be An Adult For Teens, The Practical Side” is book 1 of a 3-book series.

This first volume of the series covers the Practical side of life skills. It’s jam-packed with tips, tricks, and advice presenting everything a teenager would need to become a responsible adult, in an easy-to-understand and implement format and without overwhelming them. This book will be their go-to source to become that independent adult they have always dreamed of!

Any teenager, or parents with teenagers, stepping out into the big world more and more on their own, will gain practical and valuable knowledge from this guide.

Inside this 200+ page, practical and fun-to-read book you’ll find:

• The importance of the teenage years
• Personal healthcare and grooming skills like hair care, skincare and personal hygiene
• Dealing with illness and injuries
• Development of a self-care routine that will stick with you forever
• Practical aspects of becoming an adult
• Domestic skills to stay responsible in keeping a house clean and running smoothly
• Info on how to dress. We even teach you how to tie your tie!
• Tips on buying, owning, and caring for a car, a bike, or a scooter
• Info on making simple, delicious meals at home
• Personal security and safety pointers to be security conscious as a teenager
• How to prepare for different emergencies
• The secrets to avoiding common adulting mistakes and learning skills that will see you through
• Other uncommon practical skills that aren’t often taught and will help you get ready to live on your own
• Access to an interesting Facebook group
• A 30+ page Freebie that will broaden your culinary horizon

… and so much more!

You’ll gain all the practical life skills you need to venture out and live independently!

Genius Rascal Press has created this guidebook of essential life skills for teenagers and parents because they have a huge passion for helping teenagers in becoming responsible adults. After all, teens are our future, and the future needs responsible human beings. GRP’s books come with a paved way to becoming and staying a responsible adult with fun, pleasure, and a love for being an awesome adult.

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