21 Fun Fiascos : Aaron Williams

21 Fun Fiascos : Aaron Williams

21 Fun Fiascos : Aaron WilliamsMarvin is a twenty year old college student who desperately needs a change. His only two passions are watching cooking shows and killing zombies in VR. After watching hundreds of hours of cooking shows, Marvin believes he’s a chef. Since he can’t kill zombies for a living, Marvin decides to write a cookbook.

The only problem is…Marvin can’t cook. Even though his roommate thinks he’s crazy, Marvin enlists the help of a social media influencer to promote his book. Marvin soon learns that any publicity isn’t always good publicity. Even without knowing a single recipe, Marvin is determined to write a life changing book.

More than a few feathers are ruffled on his journey to egg’cellence. But Marvin isn’t the type to run from a challenge… No matter how many eggs are cracked or how the cookies crumble, Marvin’s creative mind and weird taste buds will lead him to victory.


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