The Vitruvian Mask : BJ Sikes

The Vitruvian Mask : BJ Sikes

The Vitruvian Mask (The Roboticist of Versailles Book 2)1881: The electric lights of Paris
have been extinguished.

The Naturalist revolution is over.
Adelaide was on the losing side. Once the Royal Scientist Doctor for
the now-dead cyborg monarchs of France, she’s now a fugitive, hiding
from the new king’s Police Sécrète.

Pregnant and alone, she seeks refuge
in a Parisian hospital but things have changed there too. What was
once a cathedral of Science is now a bastion of ignorance and

The battlefield veterans whose
Augmented prosthetics she once created are shunned by the new regime
and come to the hospital for her help. But her nemesis, the father of
her child, has returned to France and threatens to reveal her illegal
activities to the authorities.

Can Adelaide repair her Augmented
patients without losing her freedom … or her life?

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