The Art of Destiny : Laura Groenveld

The Art of Destiny

The Art of Destiny : Laura Groenveld

The Art of Destiny : Laura GroenveldEric prefers to hide from a hostile world. A shy reclusive, he works by day as a computer analyst in London and by night as a talented artist whose work the world is not intended to see. However, the theft of his art releases a chain of events that force Eric to re-evaluate his place in the world. Subsequent experiences bring him face to face with the love of his life and imponderable questions about the nature of destiny and the invisible line that divides prescience from creative intent.

Eric’s journey emphasizes the power of positive thought and visualisation in achieving our goals. As the story opens Eric is in a rut. Afraid to move out of his comfort zone he stays with the tried and tested until circumstances force him to change his outlook.

Eric suffers from the advantage and disadvantage of being a genius in an ordinary world. He struggles with deep social anxiety and a total failure to appreciate his own strengths.

His story raises the question about the extent to which pre-destination plays a part in our lives compared to our own ability to shape the future. If you visualise the future, are you making that future or merely foreseeing that which will come to pass?

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