Who Said What? : Liam Keane

Who Said What? : Liam Keane

Who Said What? : Liam Keane“I represent the youth of today; a thief, a scrounger, a menace, a dope-head and a right royal pain in the arse.”

From the minute he is born, Paul is set on a path to a life of crime and anti-social behaviour. Pushed through a school system offering him nothing other than a place to create a substitute family for the one at home that lacks motivation and inspiration. Where bad luck and few opportunities meet, Paul grows into the very model of a young man demonised by society and caught in a trap of poverty, disempowerment, and criminality.

Up for trial at court for a robbery that goes wrong, Paul’s last days of freedom are dogged by the emerging realisation of an adulthood full of limitations and an understanding that he never stood a chance nor gave himself a chance. A young man who has lost his moral compass on life for which nobody seems able to redirect him.

When Paul’s best friend Georgie goes missing at a rave, carrying dope for a local gangster, Paul is left to face the trial alone, and the realisation that in the dark, shadowy depths of sub-society, monsters bask. He finds himself out of his depth and the hole he is digging is getting deeper and darker.

Paul’s sense of alienation and disaffection erupts in terrifying and violent rages, causing him to cross the very last remnants of social acceptability as he plays out his life with only one person in mind, himself. Empathy, values do not appear in his vocabulary. What has created this young man to feel this way about himself and others? A young man that is adept at believing what he says enough times will surely mean it’s true, but will truth catch up with him?

“When fiction becomes reality, and reality becomes fiction, it shows just how insane reality has become.”

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