Tyranny: A Demon of Athens Novel : Martin Sulev

Tyranny: A Demon of Athens Novel : Martin Sulev

Tyranny : Martin SulevDemon. His name echoes through history, a synonym for cruelty and evil. But his true story has been erased, for history is written by the victors. Only now will the truth be told…

It is the final tragic years of the Peloponnesian War. Athens has been weakened by decades of war with Sparta. Now, conflict between political factions threatens to tear the city apart from within.

In a violent and crumbling society, Daimon, son of an Athenian general and a Thracian slave finds himself hunted by enemies on all sides, including by the family of a young man history will come to remember as Plato.

Yet under the guidance of the greatest military leader of his age, Daimon will find his destiny as a warrior and take his first steps in becoming the Demon of Athens…




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