Choices, Changes and Friends: 1970s After Divorce : Alice Parker

Choices, Changes and Friends: 1970s After Divorce : Alice Parker

Choices, Changes and Friends : Alice ParkerA fan said: “Sex & the City for suburbanite housewives!”

In the radical 1970s, four-25-year old, friends – newly divorced with children–somewhat ordinary, Chicago suburbanite-housewives became willing participants in escapade sex, some drugs, and too much alcohol, but dancing always.

Their backgrounds give an idea of their need for independence, as they endured suburban-blight from television-burnout and sexually-inept/non-attentive, emotionally-abusive husbands. Once one of them took the ‘giant-divorce-leap for womankind,’ the others followed. They knew divorce was not easy, nor any guarantee of happiness, but ‘winners risk,’ so they took the gamble. None of them ever had any control over their lives before, but they certainly wanted to try.

They experimented dating men, not acceptable before, tried some drugs, often drank too much, but also danced their cares away. With new male-attention, they grew brazen and confident exploring the gamut of willing men for dalliance, clandestine, and some bikers, then even a ménage à trois with a famous movie star. It empowered them all more than expected–laughing and learning.

They also took college classes, started a house-cleaning service, then thought about their changes, as the friendships shifted. Years rolled by, with dilemma-decisions of children-choices, a real career, and remarriage. A sense of humor, wry satire in situations, and sarcasm handled whatever hit each one.

Life separated them–still, they reunited frequently. They’re definitely changed-women twenty-plus years later, who have grown so much, in so many different ways. Some things did not change–like in how they support each other through difficulties that would’ve torn weaker-women apart.

Their history together was the foundation that kept them moving forward through life’s harshest realities. These relatable pioneers encouraged many women around them into independence, sharing lessons learned from their experiences of the wild, crazy-times of their younger years.

Soon to be made into a Streaming-TV series!

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