The Nexus: Samhain : Ian Cadena

The Nexus: Samhain

The Nexus: Samhain : Ian Cadena

The Nexus: Samhain : Ian CadenaThe Nexus: Samhain

Max Dane, an eleven-year-old boy turning twelve on Halloween, has just moved to Ravencrest, Vermont where the parnamoral is the norm.

Halloween, also known as Samhain—the night when the veil between our world and the next is the thinnest—is the most magical night of the year. Max’s visions keep taking him back to Samhain during the middle ages where he meets a tortured soul in the form of an eight-year-old boy named Jack.

Max decides he’s going to help release Jack from his torment even if it costs him his own sanity. His only chance at doing that is to traverse the Nexus and brave a fierce entity known as the Knightmare. And to traverse the Nexus he must explore mystical and spiritual practices like drumming, meditation and tarot, which launch him not only through the Nexus but on a journey of self-discovery that he may regret.

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