Sing Better Now! : Stan Munslow

Sing Better Now! : Stan Munslow

Sing Better Now! : Stan MunslowFive Simple Ways to Improve Your Voice Almost Immediately

Are you a singer? Well then, allow me to offer you a bit of rather uncomfortable news: Singers are a dime a dozen. They really are. Even good singers are a dime a dozen—okay, maybe a dollar a dozen, but you get the idea.

A whole lot of people on this planet like to sing and love to sing and maybe even have fantasy daydreams about killing it on The Voice or some other such show. On the other hand, maybe their aspirations go no higher than simply killing it at a local club, or at open-mike night, or in church. No matter how you look at it, there are a whole lot of singers out there.

Now that’s a tough pronouncement, I know. Nobody wants to think that what they do isn’t all that special. Well, first of all, singing is special! It’s very special. You are using words, rhythms, and melodies to convey an emotional message into the hearts and minds of your listeners! Your voice and your notes—which are literally made of air—zoom out of your mouth at 1,119 feet per second…right into your listeners’ ears, minds, and hearts. And, because sound is actually made of air, they are even breathing your music into their lungs! Seriously, is that cool or what?

So, yes, what you do is most certainly special. Nonetheless, there are a lot of people doing it. The good news for you, however, is that a) many of them don’t do it particularly well, and b) unlike you, most don’t even bother to learn how to sing better; they don’t do anything beyond, well, singing songs once in a while. They certainly don’t buy books such as this one in order to help themselves get better.

Well, that certainly cuts down on the competition!

This book is not your typical “How to Sing” book. It contains no information whatsoever on breath support or enunciation or technique. It will not teach you how to sing. What it does do, what it will do, is teach you how to sing a whole lot better! It will provide you with five simple yet profoundly powerful ways to make your voice a whole lot better than it is right now. They are habits—success habits—that you can begin to incorporate into your singing practice right away and obtain noticeable results from…right away! In fact, combined with your dedicated and consistent daily practice, these new success habits will help to give you the best possible voice you can have. And they will do it fast!

Bottom line: If you practice and work hard at your voice every day, if you believe in your ability to improve and to become an outstanding singer, and if you read this short book—carefully, more than once—and put these five simple habits to use every day from now on, there is literally no way that you won’t become a significantly better singer in practically no time!


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