Overcome Anxiety from Inside Out : Julia Kurusheva and Nakul RiswadkarAnxiety is not something we have, it is a process we DO inside our brain. This process has a structure that can be changed with precision.

In Overcome Anxiety from Inside Out you will learn how to make changes on the inside – with your thoughts, feelings, emotions and body.

This book is for anyone interested in learning how to run their own brain. It is packed with 36 powerful tools to take charge of your brain.

“Once you understand HOW your brain creates the unwanted experience of anxiety, it becomes startlingly simple to change this into something else. This book is dedicated to overcoming anxiety in specific situations. It really does feel like having your own personal coach in your hand, ready to guide you!” – Dr Susan Helman, General Practitioner.

“Julia and Nakul will show you not just how to fix problems, but how to create the inner resilience and positive attitude that the world’s most successful people sometimes seem to find so easy. This book tells you everything a top coach would want to share with you to help manage your own emotions and get back the sense of enjoyment you deserve.” – Dr Richard Bolstad, PhD Clinical Hypnotherapy

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Overcome Anxiety from Inside Out : Julia Kurusheva and Nakul Riswadkar

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