The Worst Book Imaginable : Scot R. Stone

The Worst Book Imaginable

The Worst Book Imaginable Being the designated daytime peacekeeper on the York Farm isn’t always the easiest job for Preston Clay IV, but the crow prides himself on always doing his job to the best of his abilities. That, however, is put to the test when one day an outsider appears in the cornfield, lost and confused. This mouse, a species no one on the farm had ever before seen, can’t even remember his own name. Not about to let the difficult circumstance deter him, Preston enlists the help of a rag tag group of insects and animals to aid him in returning the poor fellow to his home. Along the way they begin to discover there’s more to the

The Mirrors of Methalis : Scot R. Stone

The Mirrors of Methalis

The Mirrors of Methalis ~ Book 4 of The Snowtear Wars Somewhere, in the uncharted southern region of the Sarapin Sea, awaits the mysterious island of Methalis, home to the original all-healing snowtears. A plan to search for the flowers has begun by the Yawranans, a society dedicated to preserving peace and the ways of the old world. Unfortunately, their archenemies, the Lazuls, are also trying to find them, and will stop at nothing to exploit the flowers’ full potential. Using only coordinates from an ancient king’s will and a sacred monument stone, Baron Oreus Blake and Yawrana’s finest set out aboard two drift ships to accomplish their mission: destroy every living snowtear.If they fail in their quest, the consequences

The Crimson Key : Wes Dodd

The Crimson Key

The Crimson Key David Paige, a young detective from Charleston, S.C., is about to embark on an investigation of a lifetime. After an unexpected tragedy shatters his perfect world, he also discovers that his mother had been keeping a life-long secret from him, revealing that he is not who he believed he was. With no family member to turn to, David has to rely on his detective skills and a mysterious item left to him from his mother…a crimson-colored key. The search for the truth takes David to New York City, where he runs head on into lies, deception and murder, all in an attempt to cover up a string of dreadful crimes. Then if this is not enough to

The Labors of Ki’shto’ba Huge-Head : Lorinda J. Taylor

The Labors of Ki'shto'ba Huge-Head

The Labors of Ki’shto’ba Huge-Head: Volume One: The War of the Stolen Mother Intelligent termites relive Greek myth!  At the end of the novel The Termite Queen, Ki’shto’ba Huge-Head and Di’fa’kro’mi, the Champion and Remembrancer (Bard) of the Shshi, decide to set out on an epic journey to reach the sea, inspired by tales told by the humans with whom they have just made first contact. Early in the story, we learn that Ki’shto’ba may have been sired by a Sky-King, that it has a twin, and that its life is enmeshed in many prophecies.  After being joined by four Companions, including Ki’shto’ba’s twin, two Worker/Helpers, and a clever outcast Worker, the travelers find themselves caught up in a long

Vengeance of the Werewolf : Mercedes Ludill

Vengeance of the Werewolf

Vengeance of the Werewolf   Werewolves are living in town. Some are good, some are bad, and some are really bad. Vengeance of the Werewolf is filled with suspense of the hunt for the werewolf, explicit sexual situations, gore as only werewolves can inspire. This book isn’t intended for younger readers as it is rated R. Wolfcreek’s werewolves are raw, dangerous, compassionate, vengeful, vicious,and human. There are no mad beasts here; these monsters know exactly what they are doing as they retain their human control when in beast form.       Book Links Goodreads Twitter Amazon Author Page On Amazon

Missing Rebecca : John Worsley Simpson

Missing Rebecca

Missing Rebecca Death and deception. After a whirlwind romance, Liam and Rebecca marry, knowing almost nothing of each other’s backgrounds. Only months later, on an afternoon shopping trip to a mall in the Buffalo, New York, suburb of Cheektowaga, Rebecca vanishes, seemingly abducted. Or did she make herself disappear? Was the marriage a sham? Was Liam a dupe? This is a novel of high crimes and dark shadows, involving the immensely profitable drug industry in which exclusive access to the market for a medication can mean billions of dollars, and holding on to that exclusivity might lead to lies, deceit, corruption, payoffs, and even murder. Book Links Website Twitter Facebook On Amazon

The Ancient Ones : Lori Hines

The Ancient Ones

The Ancient Ones Lorelei Lanier is adjusting to the powerful connections she has to spirits. Unfortunately, her medium abilities are only the beginning. While working a dark arts case with the FBI and the Arizona-Irish Paranormal Research Society, she discovers she is the reincarnation of Annie O’Shea, the original owner of the Texas Canyon Ranch where the mystery unfolds. And Lorelei’s astral abilities that saved her from a mine three years ago are becoming stronger upon discovery of an extinct, ancient race of people. Underground tunnels, Stonehenge-like monuments, petroglyphs of the solar system, an alternate dimension and hidden Indian ruins—clues discovered in southeast Arizona pertaining to the ancient ones existence. But Lorelei has much more to worry about than the

The Long Shadow : Loretta Proctor

The Long Shadow

The Long Shadow Fourteen-year-old Andrew discovers his mother’s hidden diary at his grandmother’s home during a Christmas gathering. His eyes are opened to a family secret when he reads about her time as a nurse in Salonika during the First World War, and the tragic love affair she had with his father, a Greek officer who died in battle. Four years later, Andrew is compelled to visit his father’s land and trace his roots. What—and whom—he finds there will change his life forever. The Long Shadow is filled with descriptions of Greece and its people. Dramatic images of battle and the terrible conditions endured by the Allied Armies entrenched around Salonika in the “Birdcage” are authentic and vivid. Greek music