The New Girl in Town : Nanny Fanny

The New Girl in Town: A Children's Book

The New Girl in Town: A Children’s Book  April May Potts has just moved to a new  town with her momma. April May has only one friend in her new home town, her scruffy dog, named Scout. Scout is NOT a one kind of dog. Scout is an every kind of dog. April May wants nothing more than to make new friends in her new home town and  her momma assures her that she will…in time. Everywhere that April may turns, she finds that she just doesn’t quite fit in with the other children and the other children are not too kind to “the new girl”. In the end, April May saves the day and the children discover that being

As Darkness Falls : Peter Matise

As Darkness Falls

As Darkness Falls As blood streamed down her round tear soaked cheeks and what was left of her leg, Layla struggled to gain her composure as she fought to survive. But her training faltered as her thoughts drifted back to her adopted mother who raised her as her own, her surrogate Uncle and the teacher who taught her everything but this, that monsters are real. As Layla inhaled a deep breath and prepared to make her last stand, she remembered that she fought to come into this world, alone, bloodied and dead on arrival. In that moment, the spark that brought her back to life in that cold white hospital room re-ignited deep inside her. Book one follows Layla from

34 : Debra Fulton


34 In her new book, “34” (published by Balboa Press), author Debra Fulton pens the nonfiction account of the growth of her youngest daughter as a medium, as well as the realization of her own acute psychic gift. She shares many of the personal events and spiritual discoveries they’ve had. “I was inspired to write this book after having trouble keeping track of all the paranormal events starting to take place in my home,” Fulton explains. “Also, I felt ‘guided’ to explain my own spiritual journey evolving at the same time.” “34” is her way to organize and document these occurrences, as many were layered with past experiences. An excerpt from the chapter entitled “Watching”: I am four. I am

Stepping Out Of Addiction : Netheldia S. Porter

Stepping Out Of Addiction

Stepping Out Of Addiction Stepping Out Of Addiction which is inspired from my personal true life events.  I have lived the life of being bound by control substances, as well as experienced the trials and tribulations in which one may encountered, fearing there was no hope or way out.  So when I say that I have written a book that identify with most of society in one way or another, its a fact and not fiction.  Most people think that there is no hope or help– but there is. Stepping Out Of Addiction is designed to speak to people who are suffering from life in a language that they can understand.  There are no big words to figure out, it

Anatomy of a Poet : CJ Heck

Anatomy of a Poet

Anatomy of a Poet “Poetry can be daunting and hard to understand, but it doesn’t have to be. A poet has an obligation to write so that everyone can understand. Poems should flow through a poet’s words and touch the mind and heart of its reader. If a poem comes from the heart, it will reach other hearts.” ~CJ Heck Book Introduction: “Like a rose with many petals sharing its sweet aroma, is how I see and feel about the love of my life, CJ Heck. She is my electric blue-eyed girl. She can be both little girl, or strong woman, whenever and wherever the situation calls for it. She is both sensuous and exciting, and soft and affectionate. Tragedy

Stay Calm and Content : Cat Williams

Stay Calm and Content No Matter What Life Throws At You

Stay Calm and Content No Matter What Life Throws At You Are you sometimes stressed, anxious, or emotional? Do you ever feel something is missing, even when you think you should be happy? Are there people with whom you don’t get on well but wish you did? Have you ever wondered why you behave a certain way, do or don’t do certain things, or have done something you now regret? This is not a typical self-help book, because self-help books are usually read by people who think they have a problem to solve. This book is for everyone. Using straightforward jargon-free language it discusses many of the difficult issues of life, most of which are likely to affect us or

Soul Saviour : Ross A Lloyd

Soul Saviour

Soul Saviour She was the hottest property on the planet and everyone wanted a piece of her, but some wanted a lot more than just a piece of Lana Richards. On the surface she was just the latest hot American pop star flaunting her beauty and talent to make it in the fickle entertainment industry and this made her a prime target for those who mix terror with religion. But to others who knew much more about her, including just how pure of heart she really was, Lana Richards represented the perfect final element necessary for bringing about an apocalyptic destiny for us all. While on a concert tour of the “Land Down Under” Lana’s survival and her very soul

At Her Beck and Call : Mistress Benay

At Her Beck and Call

At Her Beck and Call Mistress Benay is a Dominatrix from Colorado who decided to write a journal about her work in Female Domination and Male Servitude. In this her first book, she details how she decided to search for a man, outside of her professional practice who she could groom as her personal slave. Her journal documents how she found a man via the internet and the steps she took to convert him into first her slave, then her soul mate, and eventually her husband. Her easy to read pictorial journal is a great “how to” for women who want to take control of their relationships and become either the “Mistress of their Marriage” or the Dominant Partner in