A Cross of Crocuses : Ken RossA Cross of Crocuses

Nora and Basil are in their eighties and their health is in decline. They need assistance from their five children, but they are surprised which of the children come to their rescue.

Among the family, there are arguments, dirty dealings and suspicious behaviours. The couple receive care, but it isn’t the care they had expected. Slowly, dejection set in, health worries increase, and tragedy looms.

Within the pages of this book, the reader will envisage what is it like to be old, or realise perhaps that this story awaits them when their parents reach old age. It is not a beach read, but a serious look at how a family is capable of disintegrating when all its members have different motivations for their actions.

Just as Nora and Bail find no solution to their suffering, maybe readers too will accept that to some of us, old age can be a tragedy, unless we are caring and willing to offer a helping hand. A compelling tale that grips the reader from the first page.

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A Cross of Crocuses : Ken Ross

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