What is the magic of the Magic Fingers? : Michael LambertWhat is the magic of the Magic Fingers?

Parents often know just when to yell at their children, but it is difficult to know exactly when to sit and speak quietly. And if you do, what should you say in those rare moments that could help positively shape the child’s future?

This book brings each finger to life as it becomes a king, knight or other colorful character that exemplifies honesty, tolerance and other attributes necessary for a well adjusted child.

The intention of this book is for a parent and their child to enjoy the adventure and beautiful scenery before bed, and introduce the concepts of good character to the child in a fun way, and at a time when the child is most receptive to such information.

But the most valuable thing is for the parent to commit to spending a certain amount of private and quiet time with their child. Perhaps even holding each one of the child’s fingers while reading about that finger’s character within the book.

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What is the magic of the Magic Fingers? : Michael Lambert

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