Finding Solid Ground : Jennifer Costanza MA LMFT

Finding Solid Ground : Jennifer Costanza MA LMFT

Finding Solid Ground: A Survival Guide for Borderline Personality DisorderFor those suffering from borderline personality disorder, it can often feel like not only is the world against you, but your own personality is against you sometimes, too!

Unfortunately, despite the world’s progress in recent years, there are still many stigmas attached to borderline personality disorder (BPD), which can cause people to judge you differently for your condition, and often without much empathy.

Perhaps you are dealing with BDP yourself, and you are searching for more information on how you can get a better grasp on this condition.

Or maybe it is one of your loved ones who have this condition, and you want to help prevent it from negatively affecting their life and improve their social functioning.

If this sounds like you, then Finding Solid Ground is a must-read survival guide for anyone who is dealing with borderline personality disorder.

This book offers you unique insights on BPD alongside practical and empathy-driven solutions, which will help you manage your condition, develop self-understanding, and promote stronger relationships.

Whether you are someone who suffers from BPD yourself or you are a carer for someone who does, this book is not one to miss.

Inside Finding Solid Ground, discover:

how to recognize symptoms of BPD and ways to seek help.
the value of building a support system.
strategies to regulate your emotions and cope more successfully.
ways to create healthy relationships as someone suffering from BPD.
how to thrive and not just survive when living with this disorder.
And much, much more!

Don’t spend another day suffering without the right support.

Grab a copy of Finding Solid Ground today!
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