M in the Demon Realm – Book One : Mark William Hammond

M in the Demon Realm – Book One : Mark William Hammond

M in the Demon Realm - Book One : Mark William HammondA young Asian adoptee, working as a waitress in New York City, gets a fast lesson in her family history when a Hell Gate opens under City Hall and she is the only one that can stop Hell on Earth. The cost is always the Demon Killer’s life.

The discovery and theft of the ancient keys to hell from a cave in China lead to the opening of a hell gate under Manhattan with demons hunting in the tunnels. M is found by two Chinese masters who try to explain that she is the last in a line of warriors who are Demon Killers and Hell Gate Closers.

Her destiny is to stop the escalating Demon Apocalypse and Save the World. M rightly thinks they are insane. Then one evening in Soho, M’s boyfriend is slaughtered by a 9ft flesh-eating wendigo, and she ends up barely alive in a hospital ICU. The battle is on.

Story Review: “Combining the superhero origin story with both epic fantasy and horror has either never been done before or is quite rare and thus warrants the highest marks for originality. That it successfully also combines elements from Eastern, Western and North American myths and stories only adds to its unique character.” … “Emma’s character, too, is as engrossing and believable as the world she inhabits.” Santa Barbara International Screenplay Competition 2021.

4.1 out of 5 Stars

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