Roots of the Kingdom : Glenn L. Marx

Roots of the Kingdom : Glenn L. Marx

Roots of the Kingdom : Glenn L. MarxThe establishment of nations, governments, and the shaping of our world system evolved around historical incidents of good and evil. Roots of the Kingdom is a captivating chronology about humans, heavenly hosts, and supernatural phenomena that unveils the spiritual network. Revealed is the chain of rebellious episodes that undermined the pinnacle of creation–Yahweh’s beloved humans. Unfortunately, modern Biblical teachings usually omit or gloss over these insights.

The violence on Earth cannot be gleaned by simply observing contemporary happenings. Author Glenn L. Marx divulges the unseen realm to widen our worldview and our understanding of God’s benevolent character. When this narrative is left untold, the residue of past sinister events causes doubts about God. Be inspired by gaining perception into our ancient beginnings. Knowing our spiritual roots builds a rock-solid restoration and renewal in our hearts.

As we draw upon the roots of the Kingdom of God, we can achieve a more abundant life. And, those who know Him can take hold of eternal life.

John 10:10b, 28a I (Jesus) came so that they (His sheep) would have life, and have it abundantly. …and I give them eternal life, and they will never perish;

Get Roots of the Kingdom now and open up a fresh love in your heart for our Father in heaven.

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