Artista by the Sea : Karen Devaney

Artista by the Sea : Karen Devaney

Artista by the Sea : Karen DevaneyArtista by the Sea

A novel about a woman’s self discovery, love, and her personal desires to follow her passions. Juliana, a thirty-eight year old nurse, single mother, and an artist finds herself tangled between two men while struggling to be a serious artist.

Her inspiration was fueled by her artistic grandmother, Alessandra, who escaped Italy during the war with her daughter, Isabella, Juliana’s mother.

Alessandra is the voice of female resolve and urges Juliana to follow her artistic gifts.
“Leaning against the pewter headstone, I heard my grandmother’s words, “Juliana, you must go find your legacy—you will feel at home. Ah, you go and will not return. Italia, tis an artist’s heaven—a lougo of tragic beauty, mi montagna of my youth.”

Artista by the Sea is a full circle narrative driven by hilarious and endearing friends and family in Juliana’s life. Subtle threads of gender themes depict the societal biases women continue to face.

The story also touches on the universal desire to know your past. What familial traits and events provoked Juliana’s choices? For Juliana, a trip to Italy, to her grandmother’s village, unlocks the beloved answers she had been seeking.

This modern love story, Artista by the Sea, will capture the heart of any reader who has dared to follow their callings despite the familial and inner hurdles along the way.

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