Happy Green Muscle : Sebastian Steinemann

Happy Green Muscle : Sebastian Steinemann

Happy Green Muscle : Sebastian SteinemannHappy Green Muscle: The perfect system to muscle up from skinny beanpole to buff gorilla – with a plant-based diet.

Vegan diet for athletes is subject to a great deal of criticism, often without justification. One prejudice is the lack of nutrients such as quality protein and the consequent inability to build vegan muscles. However, these days an increasing number of success stories and research studies are underway and already submerging.

They show that plant food protein has many powers animal food protein does not.

But contrary to science and proven knowledge, in practical life, many people are insecure. They want to eat green but fear the loss of muscle performance and their lean gains. There are too many alternative facts these days that developed into dangerous half-knowledge. Many think they can only become beefy while eating animal products. Hence, people either stop their plant-based lifestyle to increase muscle growth or do not start with it at all. Their primary reason is lean muscle loss anxiety.

Dr. Steinemann put all experience and knowledge he gained over the years as a scientist and plant-based athlete into this book. Happy Green Muscle provides you with everything you need to gain vegan muscle bigtime. With it, you have the opportunity to muscle in on critical information based on credible sources from the scientific literature.

Brace yourself to experience a mind-blowing paradigm shift.

Like a sauce stock, Happy Green Muscle is distilled down to the eight most essential vegan muscle-building pillars. It gives you the necessary knowledge to build muscle and lose fat and muscle up your everyday life using practical tips and how-tos from each pillar.

Essential topics include:

– plant protein optimization for amount and quality;
– optimized nutrient timing or
– meal prep optimized for anabolic amino acids.
– Discover how so-called antinutrients are unexpectedly pro and how your lean mass benefits from alkaline plant foods.
– Witness how plant-based protein defeats animal-based protein and what you can do to make it your muscle growing superpower.

Do you already have a plant-based diet and want to focus your diet and lifestyle predominantly on lean muscle growth?

Or do you eat a mixed diet and want to eat more plant-based and, at the same time, build more muscles?

You don’t necessarily have to eat purely vegan; the Happy Green Muscle Method is adaptable to your requirements. Even if you live a mixed diet, you can benefit. And you can use the system as an opportunity to make your diet increasingly perfect for plant-based muscle growth.

With this book, men and women alike discover how to use a plant food diet to maximize anabolic potential and muscle hypertrophy.

Additionally, Dr. Steinemann examines relevant factors for optimum muscle growth beyond vegan sports nutrition, like growth triggers and practical training, as well as stress reduction, goal setting theory and regeneration. It is enough material for a completely new life- if you wish.

It’s not about a quick win, but a long success.

Would you like to profit from plant-based muscle building where even your mixed food colleagues are amazed?

Happy Green Muscle provides you with everything you need. It is your down-to-earth eye-opener and best shot to efficiently gain muscle on a plant-based diet.

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