Creeples! : Patrick D. Pidgeon

Creeples! : Patrick D. Pidgeon

Creeples! : Patrick D. PidgeonLet’s just come right out and say it . . . stranger things do happen at Aberdasher Academy of Science.

We’re talking weird science, with fantastical consequences such as slithering colossal Mongolian Death Worm, clashing medieval Bog People, ambushing Ayia Sea monster, and a ravaging mythical beast, just to name a few!

Desperate to raise funds to save their favorite teacher’s Genomic department from closing, thirteen-year-old Johnny “Spigs” Spignola, Theresa Ray “T-Ray” Rogers, and Pablo “Peabo” Torres team up to crowdfund a lab experiment, but hastily use a mysterious DNA serum that astonishingly creates six pint-size, magical humanoids—the students affectionately call Creeples—who unleash mystical mayhem and comic-chaos.

But even more shocking, a startling mystery emerges for these intrepid teens. Their noble but foolish actions uncover a shadowy insider’s evil plan to gain demonic supremacy from the academy’s hidden powers of ancient sorcery—and the Creeples unwittingly stand in the way!

Urgency sets in for Spigs, T-Ray, and Peabo, and tests their friendship, as they battle monstrous supernatural entities, all the while decoding copious cryptic clues. And if they fail in their perilous quest, it’s ultimate doom for campus life, the Creeples . . . and all of humanity!

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