An Unimaginable Discovery : Robert Graf

An Unimaginable Discovery : Robert Graf

An Unimaginable Discovery : Robert GrafIt begins innocently. NASA selects Ann’s quantum-entangled communicator for the first-ever Jupiter mission. But the communicator inexplicably fails, and Ann is devastated, her life’s work ruined. She despairs of ever understanding why, until she stumbles on the communicator’s inconceivable flaw—it cannot transmit falsehoods about the past. It is, in essence, the ultimate fact-checker.

The implications are mind-boggling, and when powerful agencies learn of Ann’s incredible discovery, her life is at risk. Her estranged husband is killed; a fanatical terrorist group attempts to destroy the communicator; the Vatican secretly purchases one for its own purposes. Then the Jupiter expedition’s ship is sabotaged and left marooned, but Ann rescues it.

Amidst all the turmoil she meets Alex Baxter, who saves her from a nightmare fate. Their chance encounter blossoms into romance but is threatened by assassination attempts, yet with Alex’s unflagging love she survives. Nothing will stop her from unraveling how fact-checking works. And then an extraterrestrial contacts her and changes everything.

An Unimaginable Discovery begins the “Window on the Past” trilogy, a tale of physicist Ann Grey and her accidental discovery that forever transforms the world.

Dilemna and Revelation, volume two and three of the “Window on the Past trilogy”, are also on Whizbuzz Books.

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