She’s Not There : Marla Madison

She's Not There

She’s Not There Women are missing . . . Is the rising number of abused women who’ve gone missing a statistical anomaly? Or is a predator targeting this vulnerable group of women? Psychologist Lisa Rayburn discovers that abused women are disappearing at a rate too high to be a coincidence. When one of her own clients goes missing, Lisa reports her concerns to the Milwaukee police and is told with no physical evidence of foul play, they cannot open an investigation. Forming an unlikely alliance with a former policewoman turned security consultant, Lisa and TJ Peacock embark on their own investigation into the disappearances by interviewing friends and relatives of the missing women. Two husbands of the missing women, men

Willow Pond : Carol Tibaldi

Willow Pond

Willow Pond The Roaring Twenties crumble into the Great Depression, but Virginia Kingsley, New York’s toughest and most successful speakeasy owner, is doing just fine. Now that the world is falling apart, bootlegging is a flourishing business, and she’s queen of that castle. Then her infant nephew is kidnapped. Her niece, Laura, and Laura’s philandering movie star husband, are devastated. The police have few leads, and speculation and rumors abound in the media circus that follows the celebrity abduction. Only one reporter, Erich Muller, seems to care enough about the child’s welfare and the parents’ feelings to report the case responsibly. Over the course of the investigation, Erich Muller and Laura fall in love, but their relationship is doomed to

Consequences : Emeka Egbuonu

Consequences - Breaking The Negative Cycle

Consequences – Breaking The Negative Cycle Concern about gang culture is on the rise. Gangs lead young people into danger and lead to community division, fear and deep distrust. However the friendship and support the security and sense of belonging they give young people is a powerful draw. Through his Consequences Programme Emeka Egbuonu aims to give young people a real sense of the consequences of their actions. Taking a group of young people from London to Los Angeles he looks at how life in gangs has ruined lives in the ‘gang capital of the world’. Emeka examines the pain of families who have lost young people to knife crime on the streets of London and tries to identify what

SufferStone : Stella Atrium


SufferStone – Book 1 of the Dolvia Saga On Dolvia the women of the savannah serve under the burka, but Kyle Le was denied that covering by tribal leaders. Only her gift of second sight and the mortgage on her father’s land protects her and her three sisters. Working alongside Brian Miller from Earth, who manages a textile factory, and the warrior Cyrus, she labors against the mining enterprise that robs the savannah of its mineral wealth and leaves the tribes with only the scarred and suffering land. Review from Lisa DuMond, online reviewer of science fiction: “… an intriguing tale. The struggle to overcome oppression, to preserve a way of life, to maintain compassion in a cold and hateful conflict,

Kiss Me Slowly : Amber Lea Easton

Kiss Me Slowly

Kiss Me Slowly Neck-deep in a set-up that could have him in jail or dead by Monday, Jonathan Alexander trusts no one in his inner circle. It’s Saturday. His only hope is Grace Dupont, the best forensic accountant in Miami. But there’s a glitch with that idea. She’s also his ex-girlfriend who would rather watch him drown than throw him a life vest. Going to her feels desperate…because he is. Grace enjoys seeing Jonathan squirm. On your knees boy, she thinks as he pitches for her help. Always a sucker for the dark-haired-blue-eyed boys, she risks her precariously balanced life of secrets to help him. Helping him slaps a target on her back–she’s the key to proving his innocence and

Brazil : Errol Lincoln Uys


Brazil ‘Brazil’ is the first work of fiction to depict five centuries of a great nation’s extraordinary history. With a stunning cast of real and fictional characters, this unforgettable epic unfolds in South America, Africa, and Europe. Two families dominate this extraordinary book. The Cavalcantis are among the original settlers and establish the classic Brazilian plantation – vast, powerful, and built with slave labor. The Silva family represents the second element in both contemporary and historical Brazil: pathfinders, prospectors and entrepreneurs. For generations, these adventurers have their eyes set on El Dorado, which they ultimately find in Brasília, city of the future. An intensely human story, brutal and violent, tender and passionate.  Perilous explorations through the Brazilian wilderness . .

The Breath of Allah : Steven W. Ritcheson

The Breath of Allah

The Breath of Allah The United States has no shortage of enemies. Some attack with technology, others attack in spite of it. If successful, either attack could be devastating. Even if our heroes are flawed and our enemies are sympathetic, our battles must still be fought – and won. Today, we look for our heroes wherever we can find them. Many times, they can be found in the shadowy world of private defense contractors. Comprised of elite intelligence, defense, and technology experts, the Technology Applications Group – known as TAG to its government handlers – creates and deploys tomorrow’s solutions to today’s problems. Through the eyes of its head of operations, Charles Rayson, TAG races from Europe to the Middle

Embattled : Darlene Jones


Embattled Em sits at her desk, her hands soaked in blood. No wounds, no pain, and no idea where the blood came from. The reds and greens swirling across her computer screen scream jungle battle. She’s certain she was there. Fighting through the jungle to stop a battle, storming into a courtroom to save the accused, facing a firing squad of armed ruffians… Are her “three wishes” coming true? And, Yves? He is there to arm her with special powers, to send her into battle, to watch over her. His first assignment as a supreme power is to clean up the mess on Earth without going down there himself. Meeting his superior’s expectations is a huge challenge. Falling in love