A Perfect Evil : EC Sheedy

A Perfect Evil

A Perfect Evil Old sins leave lasting scars… Hannah Stuart thinks she’s safe within the dark and private rooms of Kenninghall, her friend Milo’s rambling and secluded Washington estate. Here she hides from the outside world, nurturing her depression, and lost in a past and painful tragedy she can’t let go. To hold on–to survive–she lives her days by rote, each day the same as the one before. But change, for good or ill, is relentless and inescapable. Milo dies, leaving Hannah a fortune and three letters. Letters telling of old sins and ugly lies, now tangled anew in shocking depravities. Letters the rich and powerful will kill to suppress. Letters Hannah is driven and honor bound to expose–and time

Convince Me : B. L. Blair

Convince Me

Convince Me (Holton Series#1) A woman afraid of love.  A man searching for love. Convince Me (Holton Series #1) is the story of two people with opposite views toward love and forever after. As the only child of a mixed race couple, Anna West watched her father abuse her mother all in the name of love.  She never wanted to fall into the same trap as her mother, loving a man who did not truly love her.  Anna didn’t believe in forever. She moved to Holton, Texas to start over, to begin a new life where no one knew about her past, where no one cared about her parents.  It was the perfect situation until she met Steven. Steven Carson

Blood of the Scarecrow : Pamela Morris

Blood of the Scarecrow

Blood of the Scarecrow The sleepy, little town of Barnesville, New York seldom sees much in the way of excitement, until one morning a body is found in the village cemetery. Authorities deem it an unfortunate accident but Angela Jennings, assistant to the detective in charge of the case, doesn’t agree with the ruling and despite not yet being officially on the police force, she takes it upon herself to investigate. She finds more than she sets out to as she digs deeper into the victim’s life and the role his family played in the founding of the town. Barnesville’s past is full of secrets, secrets the town librarian, a self-proclaimed witch, seems reluctant to reveal. It is a history

Surrender To You : Violet Haze

Surrender To You : Violet Haze

Surrender To You Stefan never thought she’d come home… After five long years, she’s within his reach and he’s determined to find out what she kept hidden from him, while hoping that his own secret won’t tear them apart again. Simon never expected to fall in love with her… Asking her out had been impulsive, but suddenly the Doctor is falling for this woman who makes him ache like nobody else ever has and he’s determined to make her his. Elizabeth never knew she’d feel so strongly for two men… Torn between the love of an ex she pushed away in the past and the love of a new man that makes her feel alive again, she must make a

Quotable : Kathy L Wheeler

Quotable : Kathy L Wheeler

Quotable Genna Lyndsey is not a people person.  A short, too-skinny, wild haired waif with crazy hair and sturdy nerdy glasses lives through books.  So it’s lucky she and her best friend own their own bookstore. Her academic degree in Library and Research Sciences taught her more than she bargained for: that dating was too unreliable to depend on others. It was then she started resorting to obscure quotes to shield herself from others who ventured too close. Harrison Merrick Johnson, Fraud Insurance Claims Investigator, is assigned to look into an unusual number of claims filed by one Genna Lyndsey. He suspects she is sabotaging her own property for insurance money. Imagine his surprise when his investigation uncovers an adorable

Cryptic Spaces Book One: Foresight : Deen Ferrell

Cryptic Spaces Book One: Foresight

Cryptic Spaces Book One: Foresight Willoughby sees patterns where others don’t. His brilliance in mathematics allows him to uncover puzzles hidden in plain view. When a carved symbol leads him to the barbershop of Antonio Chavez, he finds himself in a world where nothing is as it seems, where the fabric of time itself is a puzzle to be explored. With a team of equally brilliant, if odd, companions, headlined by the talented Sydney Senoya, Willoughby uncovers a threat that could change everything. Will his newly emerging skills be enough to help him save his friends and safeguard reality as he knows it?         Book Links Bookbundlz Book Daily Goodreads Amazon Author Page On Amazon  

Parker : Stephanie Macneil


Parker Gay. Gay and bullied. Gay and bullied and in love. Gay and bullied and in love with a straight boy. Artistic 16-year-old Parker didn’t choose this. Who would choose to be thrown against the lockers every day and harassed in gym class? It’s no easy life, but it’s his life, and Parker is simply trying to make something of it. It really doesn’t help though when the love of your life is the one always protecting you from danger and you can’t even tell him how you truly feel. That would ruin everything. And after the past that he’s had, he just can’t risk being abandoned again. Parker is the coming of age about a courageous boy who discovers

Diary of a Christian Woman : Rebecca Reilly

Diary of a Christian Woman : Rebecca Reilly

Diary of a Christian Woman: How I Used 50 Shades of Grey to Spice Up My Marriage Food is not a great substitute for sex, but it’s all I’ve got. It’s not that I’m not happy in my marriage.  I am.  George is a good man, and I love him.  I love our two children.  I love our home.  I love our church. And I love my job.  I love everything I have. And I’m bored out of my mind. I know God created sex for marriage.  And not just for beautiful people, either.  Sex is supposed to bind a man and wife; to give them an intimacy they share with no one else.  Sex is supposed to be fulfilling.