Zero Mirrors : H. C. Turk


Zero Mirrors : H. C. Turk

Zero Mirrors : H. C. TurkIn a society where your garment is your shelter and dancing is illegal, a young woman must Sashay through time to save her land from a Plant Plague.

EasyLiving City is the outcome of a Plant Pandemic caused by merging plant growth with modern construction methods. The most important structure here is a grounded space vessel called the Tree.

To protect Plague fighters, high-tech garments were created: semi-sentient Wearable Assertive Data-Integrators (WADs). Melony, a City Sashayer, wears a WAD, though she doesn’t understand its function. It was made for her by her mother, Blinda, the Tree’s engineer.

Blinda’s nemesis, Robben, is Melony’s companion. Robben is a kidult: an adult who had his body modified so he’s the size of a child. Robben exhibits the personality of a child one moment, and the experience of an adult the next.

When the Plague starts overcoming the City, Blinda explains how to solve this by returning time to an era prior to the infection. This can only be accomplished by Melony and her WAD, which is connected to the Tree’s drive bay. By enabling space travel without duration, the drive bay is effectively a time machine. All Melony has to do is prance time backwards level by level (which seems impossible). At the top she will find her mother, or the end.

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