Quiet Strength : Jennifer Costanza MA LMFT

Quiet Strength : Jennifer Costanza MA LMFT

Quiet Strength: Navigating Teenage Years for Introverts

Often, the loudest voice is not always the most important.

Perhaps you have always found yourself naturally drawn to the quieter role in conversations, happier on the periphery merely observing than being in the thick of things.
You most likely have some incredible ideas for school projects or excellent advice to share, but you either get shut down immediately or struggle to find the right moment to share them.
When such instances keep recurring, you may feel like your ideas aren’t worth considering and that you are weaker than those who talk over you.
All that couldn’t be further from the truth.
Introducing Quiet Strength, a must-read guide for introverted teenagers who need a little guidance as they navigate a world dominated by extroverts.
Through these pages, you will learn that not only are your introverted behavioral tendencies perfectly fine, but they can also actually be your super-strengths.
While others naturally tend to blurt out the first thing that comes into your head, you have the wherewithal to take a second, assess, and then come up with the most sensible statements.
This book will teach you how to tap into those introverted skills and show the world your amazing personality.
Inside Quiet Strength, discover

  • the key differences between introverts and extroverts.
  • the roots of introversion.
  • the psychology of personality types.
  • a deeper understanding of personality fluidity.
  • how to block out the constant noise and immerse yourself in your flow state.

Don’t spend another minute trying to fit in and conform, and start allowing your true self to flourish.
Grab a copy of Quiet Strength today!
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