You & I Erotic Tales: A Taken Tale : E. A. Barker

You & I Erotic Tales: A Taken Tale : E. A. Barker

You & I: A Taken Tale : E. A. BarkerHave you ever wanted to be a bad girl?

It’s no secret E. A. Barker does not like to follow “the rules” so it should not be any surprise he is not playing fair with this erotica series.

As the title suggests, You & I is written from a first-person point of view which graphically details explicit sexual encounters where the protagonist is speaking directly to his lover you—the reader—in the present moment. If you dare to read this book you will be the main character, and you will be a very naughty girl.

A Taken Tale explores a fantasy common to many women . . . a lustful alpha male who does what he wants with women who express their interest in living out a fantasy. It is a “Be careful what you wish for. . . .” cautionary story which goes well beyond what you had in mind.


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