War Poet : Michael Hill


War Poet : Michael Hill

War Poet : Michael HillWar Poet: The Life of Alan Seeger and His Rendezvous With Death

WAR POET is a biography of American poet, Alan Seeger, killed at the battle of the Somme in July 1916 and author of “I Have a Rendezvous with Death,” a favorite poem of President John F. Kennedy and one of the most powerful and memorable war poems of the twentieth century.

When first published in the fall of 1916, Seeger became an instant hero in America and, in Europe, many compared him to the martyred British poet Rupert Brooke. His death was seen by many as “one of the most romantic incidents of the war,” declaring his poetry “the authentic voice of … war’s ennobling glory.” Theodore Roosevelt called Seeger a “gallant, gifted young man … A dreamer of dreams, whose deeds made his death nobly good.”

The WALL STREET JOURNAL wrote: “Michael Hill … has brought Seeger to vivid life in a painfully touching biography, ‘War Poet: The Life of Alan Seeger and His Rendezvous With Death’ … [A] worthy addition to the canon of that war, one that emphasizes less its futility than its heartbreak in a worthy cause …”

WAR POET was a 2018 finalist in the New Generation Indie Book Awards.

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