Vuel: Gang Fighters : Kregt Cadizan

Vuel: Gang Fighters : Kregt Cadizan

Vuel: Gang Fighters : Kregt CadizanIn VUEL, the spectacle of the gang fight fills stadias. Vuelans come to see the violence. There’s no pretense of moving a ball toward a goal. Players attack each other with the purpose of disabling their opponent, Gang Fighters tells the stories of these vuelans before they met our familiar Earth humans.

An aspiring vuelessa serves a young gang fighter as they scheme to disrupt the Games of Pleasance – Our basic skills were matched for each other. I knew that I was to serve his need and held onto him while he used me for his pleasure. Moments later I whispered, “I will go with you this brightness and assist in any way I am able.” His thought came to me: I knew you would. You must.

Aeia developes full telepathinc ability and reads the vuelan’s histories. She also gains full awareness of her biological processes, including arousal- which she finds difficult to control. – I tried to remember the last time I was not in some level of arousal. That thought evaporated when he penetrated me. My sense of his penis stroking the wall of my vagina at that place where it touches my bladder made me moan to myself. Maybe my espo heard me. I couldn’t be sure. The exhilaration produced within my vagina had overwhelmed my thoughts, taking my existence to a subliminal paradise.

Loee, who became the Wild Stream, may become the vuelessa of Puerta Lavaka… if she can stimulate the horde leader to amorig her well enough that the horde makes him the new Regua of Puerta Lavaka – This was my task for vuel. I would make this simple horde leader feel like the conqueror he needed to become… Backing toward a closed treasure chest that was brought from the Tiburo, I stared at the growing erection he was releasing from his pantos. My eyes widened and I licked my lips. Holding my mouth open. I backed toward the chest as he approached me. The vuelen from the hold who had originally named me the Wild Stream began to call out, “the Wild Stream flows!” I wondered: Can they tell that I am wet for this vuelo?

Young vuelessa Oseio is appointed to Centium’s Council of Commerce. She knows they don’t require her perspectives of vuel. They need her influence with the gang fighting champion of the Games of Centium. She offers herself as a forfiet slavuela to lead the Centium gang fighters into the stadia of Refurio.
The future Prime Vuelessa of the Domesticate is paired in her training with the daughter of a vuelessa formerly from Earth. Young

Viya and Wazja are trained with vuelen to use their musculature to enhance and control amorig. Their training leads them to a challenge that will determine their future vuel.

The Resjed beings bring their near space transport to assist Kregt, Eloe and Ua Exerva extract a mind control device from Commander Dekt’s brother. The Intempla civilization devices are programed to shut down when removwed from a human/vuelan and the host dies soon thereafter. Auvee was described in the first book. She returns now to mix a coma inducing aroma to try to save Bartik’s mind.

Brand is locked to a platform in Centium: I had not been fed and the bowl of water was empty when a beautiful vision walked up. This young vuela was no hallucination. I was afraid to look at her but could not look away. Then, unbelievably, she leaned down and said slowly, in English, “just nod. Are you from Earth?”

The 3rd book in the “VUEL” series.

Vuel: Vuelessa of Centium and Vuel: Perception is Everything by Kregt Cadizan are also on Whizbuzz Books.

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