Vuel: Vuelessa of Centium : Kregt Cadizan

Vuel: Vuelessa of Centium : Kregt Cadizan

Vuelessa of Centium : Kregt CadizanGo to another planet. Experience VUEL.

Resjed technology has brought Humans across the galaxy, while altering our biology to reduce ageing during the voyage.

On the planet Vul, Humans find themselves treated as primitive beings who must be taught everything from the language to basic cleanliness.

Yet, selected Earth women are trained to become vuelessas, the charismatic influencers of vuelan society. Vuelessas are trained in amorig (sexual response) and taught to use their talent to influence the vuelen (men) who seek to amorig with them. Vuelessas also learn basic telepathy and the use of charisma to influence vuel. Sought-after by vuelen and emulated by vuelas, the vuelessa must be wary of her advice.

Enjoy the experiences described and sent by Earth Humans, Aeia, Ua Exerva, Kregt, Eloe, Era, Renzt, and Loee as they meet Vuelans Dekt, Othaya, Murgad, Talvik and Captain Delmar.

Experience the Resjed orbiting village when Kregt and Eloe are taken there from Vul. On the city in the sky they meet Resjed Commander Gologok and intelligence officer Jennujen. It is decided that Kregt and Eloe will be imbued with alluvial knowledge from physics to biology.
They are amazed, and delight in using the orbiting swimming pool.

When they return to Vul and arrive in the Great Bay where they plan to live, they learn that an armada of corsairs and horde vuelen are sailing from Puerto Lavaka to invade the Great Bay villages. Kregt and Eloe learn quickly that with knowledge comes responsibility as they must create a defense from their alluvial data.

Aeia has already learned that she is vuelan and the advanced Resjed civilization is using Humans for the purpose of creating a viable population with which to meld their DNA. Is she more involved than usual in their experiment?
Vuelessa Era uses her body to stop the killing during a horde raid on a village. She is enslaved until a teamster is enchanted to buy her. When he learns that a vuelessa that becomes a slavuela is cursed, he asks her if that was why no one ever bought her. In her eyes he sees the reason for the existence of vuel itself as she tells him, “you did, lo Renzt.”

Newly trained vuelessa Loee presents herself to a Tesar ranger and reads his instant amor. They amorig passionately but she is soon captured by the most lethal of criminal hordes and shipped to their capital Hold. There she encourages her own use by the horde vuelen and when they cannot sustain their penetrations she becomes known as the Wild Stream. She is put on a Corsair ship where she is amoriged by Captain Delmar on the forecastle to entertain his crew. She makes certain that the crew sees her pleasure with their captain.

Ua Exerva returns to the Pua clan to try to avert a war with the vuelans of the Cadiz. Yes, they are sure she is a god.

Mind control devices are found in the skulls of many influential vuelans. The Resjed intelligence has been thwarted by the artificial intelligence devices that disable themselves when they sense discovery.

The Cart Races as well as a Gang Fight occur in Centium and are described for your enjoyment.

Aeia finds that the wedding kiss is much more involved in vuel. The couple must demonstrate that they can successfully procreate. Aeia uses knowledge transfer from the Resjed that allows her to sense every hormone shift and glandular stimulus in her body so that her amoro will be compelled to perform.

Nikola Tesla, in 1901, wrote: “My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe, there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”
From that core of knowledge come the stories of VUEL.

The 2nd book of the “VUEL” series.

Vuel: Gang Fighters and Vuel: Perception is Everything by Kregt Cadizan are also on Whizbuzz Books.

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