Vuelessa of Centium : Kregt CadizanThe wedding kiss is required on Earth, but on the planet of Vul, the casado must be consumated at the end of the briolop to prove that the couple can successfully procreate. Aeia’s amoro must prove his ability to impregnate her to allow their casado to be valid. Aeia uses knowledge transfer from the Resjed that allows her to sense every hormone shift and glandular stimulus in her body so that her amoro will be compelled to perform.

New vuelessa Loee presents herself to a Tesar ranger and reads his instant amor. They amorig passionately but she is soon captured by the most lethal of criminal hordes and shipped to their capital Hold. There she encourages her own use by the horde vuelen and when they cannot sustain their penetrations she becomes known as the Wild Stream. She is put on a Corsair ship where she is amoriged by Captain Delmar on the forecastle. She makes certain that his crew sees her pleasure with their captain’s prowess.

Vuelessa Era uses her body to stop the killing during a horde raid on a village. She is enslaved until a teamster is enchanted to buy her. When he learns that a vuelessa that becomes a slavuela is cursed, he asks her if that was why no one ever bought her. In her eyes he sees the reason for the existence of vuel itself as she tells him, “you did, lo Renzt.”

Kregt and Eloe are taken to the Resjed orbiting village where they are imbued with alluvial knowledge from physics to biology. When their defense of the Great Bay is successful, they amorig each other, oblivious to the Great Bay vuelans celebrating with them.

The 2nd book of the “VUEL” series.

Vuel: Gang Fighters by Kregt Cadizan is also on Whizbuzz Books.

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Vuel: Vuelessa of Centium : Kregt Cadizan

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