The Girl With the Blue Umbrella : Heather AwadThe Girl With the Blue Umbrella

The Girl With the Blue Umbrella is Heather Awad’s first published collection of poetry. She has been writing for most of her adult life, self-schooled in poetry writing and influenced by some of the greats, such as Billy Collins and Stephen Dunn.

Awad’s poetry is simplistic in style yet she manages to pull you into each poem as if you were wandering around inside her mind, seeing the world as she lays it out for you.

Much of her work comes from her own personal life experiences and then some is from her whimsical imagination. Imagery in her poetry is crystal-clear and free of confusing verses. In each of the sixty-two poems in this collection, you can see Awad’s sense of understanding and compassion within herself and the world around her.

Keep this collection with you wherever you go, to read your favorites again and again.

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The Girl With the Blue Umbrella : Heather Awad

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