The Fangirl Files : Amy H. Johnson

The Fangirl Files

The Fangirl Files : Amy H. Johnson

The Fangirl Files : Amy H. JohnsonThe Fangirl Files : True Tales and Tips from the Fandom Frontlines

Are you a fan or a Fangirl?:

• A Fangirl waits outside a venue all night to meet her favorite rock star
• A fan goes home after the concert ends
• A Fangirl crafts gifts for her celebrity crush
• A fan does not
• A Fangirl decorates a cake with the face of her TV Boyfriend on it
• A fan has no TV Boyfriend

Did you know being a Fangirl takes imagination, dedication, passion, and adoration for whatever makes your heart sing—an adoration so strong, you can go to some wild extremes to celebrate the objects of your affection? Professional Fangirl Amy H. Johnson travels the world to see rock concerts, obsesses over cute broody boys on television, chases Boy Bands around the country and plans imaginary weddings to handsome pop stars.

In this entertaining pop culture confessional she shares how Fangirling has provided a wealth of experience for navigating life’s challenges and details the important relationships and incredible adventures that have sprung from her pursuits while celebrating the joy of letting her Fangirl flag fly high and fly proud. This lighthearted memoir encourages ladies of all ages to embrace their inner Fangirl along with numerous creative tips gained from years on the fandom frontlines to inspire you to celebrate your own passions and achieve your very own Fangirl dreams.

Grab your copy of The Fangirl Files today and journey into this vibrant fandom world and be on your way to not just being a fan, but a Fangirl!

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