sVck : Seaward Dracula (and) D. StrokerSavannah has loads to juggle as a college freshman, but now that she’s a vampire, everything royally sucks! It’s a lot to swallow but she doesn’t want to hurt anyone, and she doesn’t want to blow it…..

Her best friend Phil uses his head and comes up with an alternative food source for her. You see, men have a particular weakness, and she intends to get what she needs before everything goes down!

Do you get it?

Will their unorthodox plan work, or is she doomed to a life as a bloodsucking denizen of the underworld? Not only does she need to eat, but she’s got a crazy stalker vampire who wants to spend eternity together, and a squad of vampire hunters wants to drive a stake through her heart!

Find out what happens in sVck, the first of the “Quick Bites” series.

You’ll be glad you did!


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sVck: A Ridiculously Raunchy, Sexy, Romantic Comedy— With VAMPIRES! : Seaward Dracula (and) D. Stroker

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